Sunday, 8 June 2014

Celebrating our 20th Wedding Anniversary

Hi Lovelies,

I have just had the best 24 hours ever!

Last night was our Anniversary party (our actual anniversary date is not until Wednesday, the same day as my birthday but you can't have a party mid week can you!) So we celebrated with our best friends and with our family around us and it was just brilliant.

Now organising a party can be a little bit scary as you kind of feel the expectation is on you - I would much rather go to somebody else's heheeeee - but we couldn't let the huge achievement of reaching 20 years pass without a celebration, and we did just that and had an evening that we will remember always.

I love my friends and family so much - and tonight I have lots of presents and cards to open (I know I "should" wait until Wednesday - but come on ……. !!!)

Tthe rain cleared into the most beautiful afternoon and that kind of sealed which on my dresses I should wear.

I had bought a Herve Leger Dress that I was planning to wear

but I couldn't get the Kate Moss vintage one out of my mind ……..

and it just felt more like a party dress - so I went with that one
(I can always wear the Herve one out for dinner!)

and I wore it with these stunning shoes from Jimmy Choo
(These I have found out - are NOT comfortable - but they are amazing!!)

Issey Glitter Shoes - Jimmy Choo

and they matched my dress perfectly

and I wore a simple crystal band in my hair - and that was it - I was ready to party …….

My beautiful daughters bought me this ring for our Anniversary

Swarovski by Shourouk Square Ring

and we had a brilliant band play for us all evening and drank cocktails and pink champagne all night.

And this is our incredible Tiffany Cake

(Thanks so much Lorraine xxx)

I will add more pics of my lovely friends as soon as I get them sent to me x

Thanks so much to everybody who came and celebrated with us - seeing you all actually made me go all gooey - here's to the next 20 ………….

Thanks for reading xx


Style At Every Age said...

I only have one thing to say - where was my bloody invitation? lol! No seriously babe you looks totally amaze balls, I don't have girl crushes (just the words make me cringe) but you in that frock and shoes, well what can i say, totally jealous of your gorgeousness! I would probably have fallen into that cake upon sight! I think Chloe should have that for the wedding don't you? Can I convince her to not have one of those piled high Victoria sponges? Annoying but all the JC's that are high and strappy kill your bloody feet - complete joke! xx Give P a kiss for me, ok perhaps not but congrats you two, you can't beat a true life love story. Mucho love chick xxx

Michelle said...

You look so lovely and you and PC look so very happy. Looking forward to seeing more pics.
M xx
PS Totally agree with the dress choice!

Jools Cockayne said...

aww Sharon you are so bloody lovely :) Chloes wedding I know you will look incredible at too - these Choos are the most uncomfortable yet - or maybe its my age ;)!!! thank you darling xxxxxx

Jools Cockayne said...

Thanks M - glad you agree with the dress choice ;) xxx

Maria Sinatra said...

Wow you looked stunning! Great choice of outfit I LOVE!!! Also shoes are amazing!!! Congratulations to you and hubby 20 years is brilliant Xx