Friday, 27 June 2014

Fringe Benefits ……….

Hey Lovelies,

I just went for it today and lopped my hair off. Spur of the moment decisions are always the best ones I think!!
I have been boring everybody with it for ages - I blame Alexa Chung of course - but she would quite frankly look good wearing a boiler suit and a bag over her head, so she is not the best person to model a hair style on to be honest, and I thought I should get my Anniversary party out of the way first incase I hated it!
But today felt like it should be the day - and a very wise friend of mine told me - hey - its just hair - it WILL grown back!

So at the age of ahem - well, almost grown up, I finally have my first fringe! It feels odd - I keep blowing it out of my eyes - but I really like it!
It helps that one of my best friends in the world is also my hairdresser so last minute decisions are allowed ………….

These were the two pictures that I have been carrying around in my bag for ages ……….

and this is the one I think I love but will work up to, as its a really serious blunt fringe

but now I have bitten the bullet I think this is where I will go next!

and here is my fringespiration ……..

so it is pretty flat today as its just been cut, but it should be bouncy soon lol!

The Topshop A Line striped dress has been re-released in green.

Satin Stripe A Line Dress - Topshop £70

Beyonce wore this and it sold out everywhere in the blue
(except for in petite which is fine if you are a little one!)

I tried it on - it's really cute - although not sure who is gonna work it as well as Bey!

and this is also new in at Toppers - and the colour is adorable.

Broiderie Sundress - Topshop £35

and just WHAT do you think of the Jeremy Scott's for Moschino A/W 2014Motorcycle bags?
They are fugly - right! ………… or is it just me!

£1905 worth of say what now ………..
Although the first drop has already completely sold out!

Would you carry this bag …….
As ever, love to hear your thoughts.

Oh and thanks for all the emails about yesterdays blog
Longchamp came back to me today to advise the Alexa Chung Le Pliage bag will
be approximately 850 Euros for those who asked …….

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