Saturday, 21 June 2014

How to make a weekend wonderful !

Hi Lovely Ones,

Hope you are having a lovely weekend - the sun has been shining for a week now, and I have freckles and a pink nose - I also have panda eyes from never taking off my sunglasses - I'm avoiding looking too closely at that!

It has been an odd few weeks - I am a creature of habit and I love things being just so - it makes me feel safe I guess.
But our next door neighbours are moving away next week and we moved in at exactly the same time 15 years ago so it's a strange time. They are the very first people to move from our street since we all moved in - and my local coffee shop which I go to every single day and write my blogs is closing down after 12 years next week too - it is bizarre how upset I am by this happening - I'm with Ross from Friends - nobody likes change! I need to get a grip!

Royal Ascot has had the most glorious weather - and I have watched it every day. I love the whole pomp and pageant of it and seeing everybody dressing in their absolute finery and making such a huge effort - it really is a spectacular site to see and if you were there - I am so jealous.
Next year I am definitely going to attend. I love a hat!!

We made the most of the longest evenings of the year by going out for tapas and cocktails last night. I found a vintage floral Kate Moss dress in the wardrobe that I had completely forgotten about - and it was perfect for a summer evening of drinking pretty things!

I wore my new Tiffany Bracelet too …….

and we sunk a few of these fabulous cosmopolitans
and ate some cinnamon churros dipped in hot chocolate
(which were so good they should actually be declared illegal)

and today was so exciting as a new bag arrived!
She was the reason for me being so good in the sales ……..
it was more than worth the wait!

Bleu Hydra Hermes Evelyne PM Bag

I took the pictures in the garden so you could see the real colour - just the prettiest thing EVER!

so I am completely in love and now of course I need a Wallet to go with her!
I would love the Mulberry Bluebell French purse.
So if anybody sees one - can they let me know please :)
It went into the Sale but sold out immediately online so if you see it in a store can you shout!
It's this one …….

Enjoy the Sunshine x

Thanks for reading


Style At Every Age said...

Gorgeous colour bag Hun love it! X

Michelle said...

Love it Jools... That blue is gorgeous.