Monday, 5 October 2015

Ooooooh its the Hermes Apple Watch

Hi Lovelies - Gosh it has been ages since I have blogged - I am really sorry - life has got in the way - I am going to rectify this from today.

And speaking of time (do you like what I did there!) - it feels like ages that I have been waiting for this collaboration.
Ever since Apple announced at the beginning of September that they were collaborating with Hermes for a version of the Apple Watch, I was hooked. I already wanted the Apple Watch - now it was going to become a need!

Apple and Hermes have both kept this deliberately low key. Apple really needed Hermes to help sell this watch - it hasn't sold the numbers they expected, and this is great for Hermes as it brings them a whole new audience, but there was very little information available.

In fact their were no details on prices for the UK at all until launch morning today.

I called Hermes Bond Street last week, and they were running an appointment system which they had closed as it had got out of hand, so I decided right there that I would try my luck at the Apple Store instead.

And I am so glad that I did - this was a super easy purchase. There was no drama, no queues, just lots of lovely people carrying fabulous bags, oohing and ahhhing over the watches, and they had limited stock of every style.

Sooooooo, I tried the double tour style (this wraps around the wrist twice and is available in 3 colours. It was far too fussy for me - I wanted to keep this simple. So it was between the black and tan single strap for me.

Prices are crazy. It was always going to be, but the lowdown is here

Hermes Single Tour 38mm (Available in 3 colours Fauve (Tan) Noir (Black) or Capucine (Red)

Hermes Double Tour 38mm (Available in Bleu Jean,  Fauve (Tan) Etain (Grey) & Capucine (Red)

The Cuff is the most expensive item in the collection - but only comes in the larger 48mm size.
Price in UK is £1350

The leather is as lovely as you would expect - butter soft, hand stitched and smells amazing too!
I expected I would walk out with the black version, but with the screen staying black until you touch to activate it - it looks very dark and the stitching is also black.

For me, by far the nicest was the Tan - it has the hermes contrast white stitching - and it looks extra special - so I took a huge breath and bit the bullet ……..

I don't think I am ever going to get bored of making a call from my wrist!
This version comes with 3 changeable Hermes Watch Faces - so you won't get bored
and you can customise it in lots of ways

 I am having lots of fun playing with it!

You know what to do - let me know your thoughts!
It's good to be back xx

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