Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Bag Rescue ……… because who treats their Chanel bags like THIS !!!!

Hi Lovelies,

oh I do like a project!

I was checking ebay as you do for little Chanel treasures (hey, I only allow myself to do it once per week I promise - it is not possible to go cold turkey completely) when a very sad looking bag caught my eye.

It was incredibly badly described - err hello…… the title I kid you not was just CHANEL BAG ………. and it was clear from the pictures that the poor thing had been abused by its owner. This was fine by me as it meant it was not attracting any attention.

It was a CAM Chanel Chain Around Messenger bag and was only 10 months old - but it had at some point rubbed against jeans and the seller hadn't even bothered to try and clean it off! How can you not want to try and fix a bag that cost you almost £2k  ………

Well I went back and forth with the seller (whose feedback was good) and it resulted in a very large box delivery chez Jools!

I emailed the Handbag Clinic with the pictures and they were brilliant - they said they could make the bag look like new BUT the rub being the current time to restore colour transfer bags is 3-4 months - meaning summer would be over and this is most definitely a summer bag!
So I then asked them if I tried to clean it myself and really ruined it - would they still be able to restore it for me! "Absolutely" was the reply so I thought well what have I got to lose ………

So I ordered some specialist leather kits online and waited for this poor scrap of a bag to arrive

First impressions were - ok where the hell am I supposed to start with this!!
But closer inspection showed that thankfully most of the marks were restricted to the back of the bag

Poor Baby!

So I set to work with cotton buds, a lint free cloth and a stain remover from The Leather Clinic.
Very tentatively at first because Chanel leather is so delicate.
I  also had no idea how long the marks had been there - but they started to lift almost immediately - it was actually really fun to see it start to look like it should again.
Baby Wipes were perfect for the delicate edges of the chain

3 hours later - and she looks like this ……..

This bag has just been released for 2015 too - I took a big chance with it but got it for a steal!

So in a couple of days I can deep condition her to stop any drying out
but I'm kind of in awe of how amazing it now looks - and how lucky I was to find her

Thanks for reading xx

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topsy said...

well done you .. great restoration & a fab bag x