Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Oodles of Mulberry ………..

Hi lovelies,

You know that feeling that you sometimes get that everything in your wardrobe isn't right any more? Well I have been getting that feeling about my handbags!

It is my own fault - I find one I like and even though I have quite a few others, I hate swopping over (it is such a faff!) - so I tend to use one far too much and the others do not get a look in.

Soooo, I thought how nice would it be to start completely over! Could you imagine getting rid of every bag in your collection / possession and beginning again from scratch? Quite a nice idea, right?

Well, that is exactly what I decided I would do. A kind of New Year Detox if you will.

I am not going to pretend that moving some of my current bags on wasn't tough - I get far too attached to them  (even the ones I am not using!) but in the back of my mind was the thought of how much fun it was going to be to replace them with new ones - and this time, to try and only buy ones that I will want to reach for lots of times, and I definitely wanted to lose some of the ones that I found were too precious to use - after all, whats the point of a bag that never comes out of the closet.

There are probably not many designers who's bags I haven't tried if I am being completely honest! In fact I am struggling to think of a single designer who I haven't dipped into at least once heheheheee.

I love Saint Laurent & Valentino, loathe the prices at Hermes, never truly fall for anything at Louis Vuitton, dislike the resale value of Prada (and this has to be a consideration when you are as fickle as I am) adore Balenciaga but the husband hates them and I used to love Mulberry but fell out with their  ridiculous price increases.

But wanting (and loving) the Mulberry Cara bag so much renewed my interest in Mulberry, and I have been really surprised by the new bag choices I have made so far!

Sooo, let me show you some new bags that have made it into the fold ……

Mulberry Medium Lily in Steel Blue with Silver Hardware

Another little Wallet to go with the Oxblood Cara

Mulberry Small Size Zip Around Blossom Purse in Oxblood

This next one is a big departure for me. I don't own any black daytime bags - I am always attracted to colours - just like a Magpie! 

But buying the black Prada purse earlier in the month made me realise how worry free and easy they are! So a black bag was on the list, and this one has shocked me by how much I love it.
And look how cute they are together

Mulberry Small Bayswater Buckle Bag with soft gold hardware

I am not a fan of the Bayswater Bag - it is too heavy, and business like for me personally.
But this is a totally dream - it is more winged at the sides - so looks very cool when carried, it is lightweight and smells amazing. I love it

I am really shocked at how much I like this one - it is just a really easy bag
and I can see me using this one a lot

So all in all - quite a productive January so far

So, what else will be joining these babies - well I will keep you posted when I find the next bag that I fall for.

Soo, would you be brave enough to start over - or are you far too attached to the bags you already own?

Let me know please, would be great to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading xx

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