Monday, 1 February 2016

A guide to buying Vintage Chanel

Hi Lovelies,

Yay, I am spoiling you with all these bag blog posts right now.

Well, as you may recall from my last blog, I had a mass readjustment of the bags that I had, and have started to swop them out for bags that I have promised myself I will use and not just look at.

And a chance to buy this beauty came up and I couldn't resist it (Thank you Karen).

I owned a new Chanel Medium/Large Flap a few years ago - it was my absolute holy grail bag and PC bought it for me when he went to the States one time. Back then they were £2.5k and so I think it cost just over £2k duty free. (They have gone up an astonishing £1k since then too)

And it was a beauty, everything you could want in a bag - but I was terrified to use it! It was so plump and puffy and so new and shiny that I worried about it with every wear - and I seemed to scratch it every single time I wore it too. I just didn't enjoy the experience of using it and so I sold it on.

I have had a few (OK, quite a lot) of different Chanel bags since then, but I never returned to the Med/Large classic flap because of the issues I had experienced.

So, vintage is without question - the way to go! The bags from the 1980's & 90's are so superior in the craftsmanship used - the leather is much thicker than the flaps now (literally incomparable) and the hardware back then was gold plated with a hallmark on the front of the CC clasp that you do not get anymore. Modern bags are just gold coloured hardware.

The design has not changed at all since the first bag was originally made in February 1955 (hence it's name - the 2.55) so it looks exactly the same as a 2016 bag.

You still have to do your homework of course, and only buy from somebody you trust - but the right bags do come along from time to time - and when they do you can become the owner of a piece of history. And you will not be scared to use, as 1. They are cheaper than a new one and 2. They have already been loved and used, so you are really not worried about using them.

So if you are considering vintage - what should you look out for?

Well, don't worry so much with the early bags about having a matching authenticity card - over the years these are going to be misplaced. The same with the dust bag - most will not come with the original one.

Get one that has been authenticated from one of the Chanel Expert sites. This only costs around £10 and any seller not supplying one of these - then walk away - you will eventually find another one.

The hologram sticker, may be misplaced (mine was still intact so I know it was from late 80's) if the bag doesn't have one - don't let that put you off as they can rub off over the years, and authenticators can tell from the hardware, stitching and interior if a bag is real or not.

And I am very funny about odours - this one has none thank goodness - but if a seller states that there is a musty smell - you can't always get rid of that - so decide if it is a deal breaker or not.

So, let me show you my new little cutie! Its a black Lambskin with gold hardware and burgundy interior. I have spent this morning cleaning it with cotton buds and muslins with specialist lotions and potions (try the Handbag Clinic - they sell products online) and then conditioned it.

Hard to believe this bag is almost 30 years old huh!

Interior after a good clean

The Original Burgandy Chanel interior

I will do a modelling shot with her as soon as I take her out to play.

So, would you buy vintage if you had the chance?

Thanks for reading xx

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