Tuesday, 15 March 2016

The Chloé Faye Bag

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I have to confess that I haven't bought a Chloe bag that I have loved in years. After the incredible success of the Paddington it was almost as if they lost their way, but I still loved their leather so I persevered - obviously (after all - I am not a quitter!!)

Over time I have tried the Paraty (far too heavy) the double strap Marcie (purchased but didn't make the cut - the shoulder straps never sat comfortably for me) and I have purchased more Mini Marcie Crossbody ones in various colour ways than I care to admit (great price point, but they were never quite big enough).

So I err on the side of caution now as it is safe to say my history with Chloe has not been smooth - but I really feel like they have finally got their groove back.

I really liked the Drew bag when it was released (although shockingly I didn't want to own one) but finally, with the Faye Bag they have released a bag that I really, really like. It has very clean lines, is slimline so wears well on the body, and I love the silver & gold ring mixed hardware with the attached pendant chain. It just looks incredibly luxurious and beautiful. It has a real 70's vibe to it.

Chloe Medium Faye Bag

The Faye Bag also comes in a cute small version
(the strap is long enough to wear cross body)

and some modelling shots …… (credit - Pinterest)

Prices start from £865 for the Small size cross body

The Medium starts from £1190 for a plain leather
approx £1490 for Suede & detailing
and up to £2200 for a python bag

So, which ones is your favourite and has anybody purchased one? I would love to know your thoughts please.

and as always - Thanks for reading x

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schoolgatestyle said...

Stunning - as I scrolled I wanted each new colour that appeared more than the last one! But I think if push came to shove, it would be the classic black. It's just gorgeous - especially the leather interior. Beautifully finished...as you'd expect from Chloe. Ax