Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Holiday purchases !!!

Hi Lovelies,

I love holidays - I just absolutely hate flying, and so we tend to leave it until the last possible moment to book anything so that I can't stress out (too much).

 I wish I was one of those people that booked all of their breaks months in advance and could count down the time until I was going, but in reality, I don't think it is ever going to happen! And so we have booked a week in Dubai for next week and with so little time I am feeling woefully under prepared. In 4 days I will be on my way there.

I have booked a hypnosis session for tomorrow which I am hoping is going to go great, and so now that is sorted I have to think about what to take along - so online shopping has been my best friend.

Now, the most important thing surely is new sunglasses obviously!!  (no? Just me?)  It's a sickness - every time we go away I have to buy a new pair, and I knew EXACTLY which ones I wanted.

The Chanel 5340H Sunglasses with double pearls on the arm

I have been boring my friends with them with repeated trips to Sunglasses Hut to try them on (sorry guys)
but they are £408 and I just didn't want to pay that much for them.
The woman in the store said - think of them as more of a piece of jewellery - err I don't think so - although come to think of it some Chanel pearls would go rather nicely with them ………..

and so PretaVoir came to the rescue (  they sell them online so do not have the overheads of the stores, and whilst not cheap, they were a much better price and their service has been exceptional

I went for the Chanel 5340H in dark blue with cream pearl arms - yummy

I could have waited and tried to get them duty free at the airport, but I didn't want to run the risk that they might not have them, and the price was actually better from Pretavoir than the duty free price would be, so it was a no brainer really. They are arriving this afternoon, so I am excited to receive them.

And going somewhere beautiful is just the excuse I needed to try my first Self Portrait dress.
I have wanted one for ages, I love everything about their ethos - principally that designer dresses do not have to cost the earth and that you can purchase exquisite quality materials with great fitting without it having to cost thousands of pounds.

So I have ordered the Azaelea lace dress in Antique Rose
(which is also arriving this afternoon - thank you MatchesFashion for your same day delivery)
I will be pacing the hallway this afternoon waiting for these to arrive!
Self Portrait Azealea Lace Dress £240
(available in beautiful pastel colours for this season)

So after indulging in those goodies I thought I should get back to the high street (and my current wardrobe) for other pieces to take

I found this cute skirt in Zara - perfect for popping over swimwear during the day as it has an elasticated waist, and then to pair with a camisole or vest top in the evenings

Embroidered Skirt - Zara £39.99

This little dress from Topshop comes in powder blue for this year, and I also have the bright yellow and white ones from last summer which I am going to take as they are so light and easy to wear

Applique sundress - Topshop £36

and I picked up these cuties (they come in cream and black)

Crochet detail Sundress - Topshop £29

These Floozie & French Bikini's from Debenhams are adorable
I literally wanted every single design they had, but chose these two

Floozie by Frost French Striped Bikini - top £26.50 bottoms £15

and this one even has little silver starfishes on the end of the straps - it's amazing!

Floozie & French Seahorse Bikini - prices same as above

White Pompom trim Beach Kaftan - Topshop £30

and from ASOS I have these bits

Off shoulder dress - ASOS £38 (size down if you order this one)

Stripe Linen off shoulder sundress - ASOS £38

and the first thing I will pack will be my favourite little cherry sundress from Traffic people

Last year when we went to Dubai I packed far too many shoes (a shocker I know)
but having now been, I know that evening shoes just don't happen there - it is far too hot. So I am taking some cute sparkly flats, flip-flops and this very neutral pair of tan wedges which will go with everything and are low enough to wear during the day too.
I'm verging on being very sensible here

Kurt Geiger Miss KG Pineapple Wedges £55

So what do we think? A couple of pairs of shorts, a silk kimono for evening and some vest tops and I should be ready - now where did I put that San Tropez tanning mousse ……

Thanks for reading xx

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