Monday, 2 January 2012

Monday - Its all about a Chanel Glow, Uggs & Lippie!!

Bank Holidays..... I adore them. All the roads are quiet, you can't quite work out what day of the week it really is, and you have to appreciate the January one as it's a long while to the next one (My Husband helpfully pointed this out to me this morning).

January is a little bit of a reflection time. All the gorgeous designer emails start hitting your inboxes showing the Spring/Summer collections, but winter at its hardest hasn't even hit yet - so it all seems like a candy pastel dream that is absolutely unthinkable and unattainable. We are all far too concerned with our jumpers and woollen tights, and underneath them we are paler than Casper the Friendly Ghost. Our faces are pretty much the only thing people see just now!

So at least I can make that look a little more dewy and healthy looking. I prefer the look of more natural self tanning products - I used to be a Clarins gal until I discovered this marvel. Today Jools Wore

Well, it's fabulous darlings!!! Super easy to apply (it goes on just as a white moisturising cream), has no horrid biscuit scent and you can wash it off your hands without it making you look like you have a 30 a day nicotine habit. It dries immediately so you can put it on in the morning, and it doesn't go too dark. It just gives you a nice little pick-me-up and I totally recommend it. It costs £24 from the Chanel Counter and because it is specifically for the face it lasts months. 

With the cold weather still featuring heavily, I was very excited to open this box

Not many fashion items divide us girls more than Uggs. A lot of girls detest them, they say they don't work with anything and are the most unstylish / ugly things you can wear - Well I am firmly in the "I really don't care camp". I absolutely adore them,and will always own at least one pair. 

This year (thanks mainly to our Pug Pooky eating my last ones) I opted for the Classic Chestnut ones.

You have to go a long way (or know a very hot guy) to get a better feeling than the first time you slip your feet into a brand new pair of Uggs. Its absolute heaven.......

I cannot wait to wear them. I usually only wear them with skinny jeans, but I love the way they look on other (taller!) girls with skirts and dresses.

Because today was another wet and awful day, and it is a Bank Holiday so we don't need to leave the house, I will concentrate on some beauty products. I hope thats ok.

I unpackaged this Christmas pressie today. This has been on my Christmas List every year since it was released. Its just a brilliant, brilliant lip balm.

The initial cost of £40 is high, but there is no better lip balm out there I promise you, and I use it every single day and only need to replace it at Christmas. I was really happy to see that this year they have changed the lid to a chrome version, so it looks really luxurious and you will be super proud to get this out of your handbag every day and dab it on your lips!

I have pictured it with last years one (that I am still using, it really does last that long!). As you can see - for the same price, the new packaging is sooooo much better!

I also asked for this for Christmas, I was really keen to try them, and my lovely friend bought me one. (Love you Vicster!), so today was the perfect day to give it a try too

It's the Clinique Chubby Stick (don't you just love that name) and it really is exactly that. Its like a stylish crayon and the tip is a moisturising coloured balm that glides on. The one I have (pictured below) is called Super Strawberry (Number 20), and it is such a great daytime colour.

So today, thanks to trying on some new Uggs and some lovely beauty products, oh and the Husband opening these biscuits that I bought him! (from )

Jools Wore a Huge Smile

Until tomorrow 

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pammyb said...

Morning Jools...naughty puggy & lucky hubby! Yes love my uggs so much, Edinburgh has me much needing them. Fancy going back to the classic ones too. Gold, Black, Choc Brown & Fur navarjo collected over my years,all still going strong!!
You are making me wish the lip balm now but at mo no pennys!!!

Jools said...

Hey Hon, yes she was a bad puppy but thankfully outgrown the shoe killing stage now ;) Save up for the lip balm and remember it for when you run out next time, its so good !!!!