Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Tuesday - Brings far too much Net-a-Porter Temptation ....

Tuesday morning bought with it heavy rainclouds and a weather warning from the Met Office to not travel unless absolutely necessary due to high winds and rain.

I didn't need telling twice ( I like to do as I am told after all!) and so I dove back under the duvet with my laptop, and thought to myself - Is there anything nicer than being tucked up snug and warm while listening to the howling rain outside, knowing that you don't have to be somewhere?

It turns out there is.............

I knew I shouldn't have checked my inbox, I didn't mean too, but there it was - the email from Net-a-Porter that you wait for all season - No, not the Sale email that happens just before or after Christmas, the one that is always greatly disappointing....  pah to 30 percent off with no Louboutin or Mulberry in the sale at all! Nooooo,  I am talking about the proper Sale Notification one, the one that advises of further reductions - THE 70% OFF ONE !!!!!

ooooooh, that fabulous feeling of logging into your Wish-List and seeing everything that you have wanted to wear over the past season with BIG reductions, it warmed me up even more than returning to bed!

And so a very happy couple of hours of browsing were spent.

I have two lists. The Jools Real-Life List which consists of clothes that you can actually wear along with shoes that you can (almost) walk the dog in, and a second list that is what I like to call Positano Jools List - This is the one where I wake up and breeze around in Missoni Kaftans and take breakfast by the imaginary Pool, permanent vacation Jools if you like. Now I much prefer the second list, but you get some awfully funny looks walking around Sainsburys in Pucci .........

and so, sense prevailed and these pretty little tops are winging their way to me as we speak.

Helmut Lang


They really are the only things I have liked from the sales this season, so I cannot wait to see if they are keepers. Also at 70 percent off, they become the price of high street pieces right? (that bit is especially for my husband incase he is reading)

I have been also trying out a different Mascara today. Its revolutionary. This MUST be true as it says so on the packaging! It has a very different looking brush to a normal Mascara which coats even the tiniest little corner lashes, and dries immediately. It got an award and that always makes me want to try it! Its by Givenchy.

So today Jools Wore Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Extension Mascara. It is quite tricky to apply the first time as it does only feel like half a brush, but I think after a couple of tries its going to be really good - it certainly extends the lashes and gets right into the corners. The price is £20 so I will make sure I get the hang of it!

When I did venture out of the house later in the day, I wore my Kurt Geiger Fondant Wedges. They are really easy to wear as they are a wedge heel.

I teamed them with the most perfect biker jacket I have EVER owned!!!!

Its a collaboration by Sunday-Girl and Firetrap. I will take a picture of me wearing mine when the weather is not so wretched, but it is this one.

I hope you all had a fabulous day, and lets hope the weather improves. Please feel free to comment !!!!

Until tomorrow

You can view lots more of my pictures at http://what-jools-wore.tumblr.com/


LNR said...

I *love* the Helmut Lang top! And I never knew you could have a wish list on N-a-P. uh-ohhh...!!

You've also inspired me to wear some heels to work tomorrow :D

Jools said...

Yes, it saves everything in there, and anything that you buy, it keeps a log of that as well so that you can choose stuff to go with it - ITS DANGEROUS!!!!! Don't wear high heels if its still really wet ;) x

Urban Butterfly said...

PC will be so glad you didn't go wild, I'm impressed! :) love the leather jackets, it's amazing. I now want that mascara, I am a slave to a good mascara and it's my deset island item. Does it make your lashes look thicker to?

Jools said...

Aww thanks M, Yes I am in love with the Jacket, its really soft leather, and the gold hardware makes it look abit different to a regular biker jacket :) The mascara definitely makes lashes look longer, and the second and third time of using it was a lot easier ;) ! x