Monday, 2 January 2012

Rainy Days and Sundays always brings me err ..... Starbucks & Balenciaga

Happy New Year Everybody, I  hope you have all recovered from last night and that you all had a blast. Lets all hope for a really exciting year to look forward to, and most importantly, that 2012 brings us all lots of happiness.

As promised, a sober picture from last night when Jools Wore the Chanel Lipstick

For NYE I chose to wear a little feather print dress (that you can just about see in the above piccie). It's from Topshop. I have had it for a while and hadn't had a chance to wear it yet (plus it had sleeves and it was really cold last night!)

I carried a Lulu Guiness Lips Clutch in a hot pink colour, as you can see, it had a pretty good night!!!

Today bought no hangover (for which I am very thankful) but lots and lots of rain! The only thing to do on a New Years Day like this was go to Starbucks and attempt to finish the tin of chocolates.............

For a rainy day out I chose a favourite everyday bag. It's a Balenciaga City and you can fit everything into it including a small dog (I won't confirm or deny if I have tried this!), and paired it with a Louis Vuitton Sprouse Scarf and a leather jacket. My fab friend bought me a really cute Lulu Guiness Umbrella for Christmas so that was a really useful present today (Thanks Maglet!)

The chocolates are almost gone now. Well, who in their right minds starts a healthy eating regime on a Sunday huh ...................

Until tomorrow

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Anonymous said...

Yay love this blog, any excuse to see what you have hidden in your wardrobe! A bal and an Lv scarf so jealous love Nicole x

Jools said...

awww thanks Nicole :) x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Bal, honey. It's that a pourpre GCH?

Jools said...

Thanks so much, yes its Pourpre, you know your Balenciaga ;) !!!!