Monday, 23 April 2012

Just another Manic Monday ............

Hi Gorgeous ones,

My blog is becoming like a Weather-Watch!
Today was ANOTHER awful day of rain - how much more can possibly fall!

I got soaked this morning, but I did have a cup of tea AND a Latte so it was well worth it!

I refuse to let the rain bring out any more dull outfits though! So Jools Wore Jeans (Diesel) and a floaty butterfly kimono top (Topshop), but with a jersey underneath (Zara). I did have to put a scarf on too, which kind of defeats the object, but still .............................

Today was made very exciting though as we booked my favourite Hotel and Spa for my birthday in June. I am so excited about going already. It's my favourite place on earth. A couple of days there is like a weeks holiday!

Harrods also came through for me, after they got involved with some issues I had with Chanel! This arrived via courier today.

It is one of the blended Chanel perfumes that is limited to Chanel Stores Only
and a giant 200ML one. It has honey undertones and smells lush!

I had to show you this dress - err HOW beautiful is this!

Ruby Red Dress - Vivienne Westwood Gold Label £1885

We haven't done a VOD for a little while. So et Voila

Summer Coat with Velvet Bow trim - Miu Miu £1550

Jacquard Dress - Carven £715

Platform Sandals - Carven £415

oooh and I can do a reveal for you tomorrow if you ask nicely!!!

Thanks for reading x

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