Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tuesday - Olivia Ruben Collection - Pretty in Pink!

Hi Lovelies,

Thank you for helping me reach over 20,000 views. It is pretty incredible in 4 months and I am so grateful and happy that you like reading my little daily blog - it gives me a ready brek glow!!!!

I hope you are well. I have a sore throat and a cold, but on the plus side, apparently I have a husky voice just now - so it evens itself out really !!!

I had a lovely day out with my friend today. We gossiped for England and consumed lots of Latte's - while the rain lashed down outside - Perfect :) My Sprouse Scarf even came out again today - thats how cold it is out there still! It's madness

Do any of you have a High Street Shop that doesn't work for you? One that you just don't even consider going in ?

Well for me, it has always been Dorothy Perkins!

I think it stemmed from when I was younger. My sister would always buy her clothes in there, but I would always choose Chelsea Girl or Tammy Girl - Dotty P's just was never on my radar and it hasn't changed since that time! To me, it always seems like Topshop's much shabbier great aunt.

BUT two things have happened recently! My very lovely friend Clairey got some beautiful things in there - it was the last shop we went into and we should have gone in there first as she found everything she needed and looked pretty blinking fabulous.

and then came whispers of a collaboration! 

Well what's a girl to do! I was torn, for ooh a second - but I am always happy to be proven wrong and so I am happy to give them a try!

Olivia Ruben (they of the bright happy colours and prints) have bought out a capsule collection for DP!

So, I have ordered this dress to see what the collection and quality will be like

Pink Chiffon Wrap Dress - Olivia Rubin for Dorothy Perkins - £45

These pieces also caught my eye

Lilac Asymetrical Dress £40

Blush Peplum Top with Shell Pattern £25

and you can view the entire collection HERE!! so have a little look and tell me what you think!

Well a dress that cute surely deserves to be worn with some fabulous shoes
 So these are on the way to Jools - you might remember that they were the top item on my April Blog wish-list!

Pink 100mm Pigalle's - Christian Louboutin - £ (husband disclaimer  - ooh I don't remember)!

I think these are gonna work well with jeans too, can't wait to show you them when they arrive.

And I suppose I need to say a big well done to Chelsea for making it into the Final - my brother may recover in about a week!

Thanks for reading

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Daniella Beauty Junkie said...

I'm exactly the same about DP's! Lit ever even considered it but recently they've stepped up their game... Love the husband disclaimer :) I'll be using this haha.


Jools said...

Thanks Daniella, will let you all know what the dress is like when it arrives :) and everybody needs a Husband Disclaimer ;) !!! lol

LooweezBx said...

Yeahh I never really go to Dorothy Perkins but when I do go in it does surprise me with a few nice pieces at quite reasonable prices!

Jools said...

It started a whole new conversation of other shops we just weren't interested in ..... Wallis came tops, and also Hobbs!