Wednesday, 4 April 2012

So it's Wine Wednesday - are you a more or less gal?

Hi Lovelies,

Well my Twitter account imploded today because of Samantha Brick!
I got retweeted by the very lovely Sally Lindsay and some other comedians and I haven't been able to cope with it since. One little tweet after 20 odd thousand (which quite frankly were just as funny, if not more so!) caused my email to freeze because of the amount of notifications coming in!

I am now Daily Mail Famous for 15 minutes with my (slightly toned down for the DM readership tweet) which you can view below!

But enough of that, because we all know that we have no hope of competing with somebody of her epic-ness - we are but jealous bitches!!!

So I have a great question for you all today :)

If somebody was to hand you say, a thousand pounds. What would you do with it?

Would you High Street shop for England and come home laden down with lots of shopping bags and a huge smile? OR would you buy one special piece? Maybe a bag or a rocking pair of shoes that makes your heart pound just thinking about .............

I wax lyrical a lot about clothes. I think designer clothes are devine, and I appreciate the quality and fit more as I have gotten older (well just out of my twenties anyhow obviously!) - But our High Street is so fast at paying homage to high fashion that often it is very hard to tell if a piece is High street or High End!

I personally prefer to buy from Zara and Topshop and then be lucky enough to spend my money on designer handbags and shoes sometimes.

But what is your preferred shop? Seriously, if you had £1k now and you had no bills to worry about - Which way would you go?

The reasoning for my question was the VB Cat dress. It's a great print, and I love kitch pieces - BUT, this dress has been seen everywhere thanks to La Beckham (sorry for mentioning her Ali). And as such it almost seems dated before release.

So, would you rather have this dress, knowing that perhaps you might 
only wear it a handful of times at most:

Cat Print Silk Dress £950 - Victoria - Victoria Beckham

Or do you go and buy 20 High Street pieces instead (and a blinking Splendid Lunch!!!)

I would really love to hear what you would do please!

Oh, and just so you know I didn't imagine it - My husband told me today I HAVE to order those studded Loubies (and he wasn't drunk or anything) - well who am I to argue with such logic .............. !

Today I got around to trying the Lash Architect 4D Mascara. I am really impressed with it as it is priced at under £10.

And as it is Wine Wednesday, today has been all about this wine

It is truly the only way you should ever want to be barefoot! 

Now, about those loubies ................ !

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Looking Fab in your forties said...

One purchase for me, no question. How did you get that one wave in your hair like that? It looks cool! Can't believe PC said you can have those shoes, think he might be thinking bedroom shoes! I would have said "Fuck Me" shoes but this is your blog after all and I couldn't possibly do that...............

Jools said...

Hey, they sell themselves like that, I am so not above wearing them that way if thats what it takes - on second thoughts, Im so clumsy, perhaps that wouldn't be the best idea !!!!

I used the babyliss styling wand, hold it half way down the hair and just wrap the bottom half of your hair round it once fully, and hold the end of your hair out of the way - et voila :)