Friday, 6 April 2012

Full on Thursday and a Bicester review

Hi Gorgeous ones.

Well today we took our chances and visited Bicester Outlet Village to see if we could find anything fabulous.

We arrived at Lunchtime and it wasn't too busy at all.

YSL had some amazing tributes in store, all reduced to between £230 and £265, but sadly all too big for Jools. They also had a few Y bags, but in citrus yellow and patent white - nothing that would be classed as Jools Proof - but very pretty.

YSL Trib Sandals - Gorgeous at £265 but only larger sizes left :(

This bag was reduced from £1200 to £550 today - but white and moi aren't the best partners!

Mulberry had lots of sparkly Alexa bags and a lot of pony hair bags! They had a gorgeous O/S tan Tillie (I did leave it behind) and behind the counter a beautiful mole grey coloured ostrich Margaret bag which was very pretty.

Prada was a nightmare. By far the worst store to shop in - full of customers but with everything so poorly presented that I could not wait to get out of there.

By far the nicest store for looking at beautiful items was Alexander McQueen, but the silk dresses were still almost £3k. They would have been cheaper to buy them on sale last summer - which is a real shame, but their editing and displays were by far the best.

Anyhow, I was virtuous as I have lots of brand new items on my hit list, but Elli got a beautiful dress from All Saints and she looks so pretty in it. Mia saved her money - it is quite amazing how much more frugal they are when it is their own birthday money they are spending!!!!

I tweeted earlier, but wanted to also mention here that I went to purchase the Pigalle Studded Louboutins this evening.

It is a brand new UK service for Louboutin so imagine my surprise when as I checked out they tried to charge me £28 postage for ONE PAIR of shoes!!! How can this be right. It is DHL and a standard service within the UK for shoes that are supposedly in the UK!

I have emailed Louboutin for an answer, hoping that this is wrong. I know there is an argument that if you are spending £700 the extra isn't THAT much - but no way am I paying that when delivery from Matches and Net a Porter is between £5 and £10! It is just not ok. So I will keep you posted as to what they say

We went out for dinner tonight. It was one of these times when I only had two glasses of wine but I am really feeling it - I am being super annoying, but holding it (just about) together to blog!

I mentioned this song on Twitter and FB last week but it is everywhere now. It is so wrong that it is right - one listen and I promise you, you can't stop singing it - a proper summer tune that just makes you smile, and there is nothing to not like about that ! Go on, hit play ........ !!!

Thanks for reading!

Until tomorrow!

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Looking Fab in your forties said...

I have never been to Bicester bit of a trek from Kent going into London by train then out again but I would love to go and wouldn't rule out a white bag if I loved the style. I like the Anya Hindmarch Bruton in white, very nice.