Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Tuesday - and I Tracked down the Trousers!!!

Hi Gorgeous Ones,

It has been a very quiet day Chez Jools.

I managed to find the bonkers striped jeans though, which is great. I have had to have them shipped from the States, but at least I found some - YAY.

I have also been looking at some hypnotherapists to try and do something about my fear of flying. We really want a holiday so I want to get it sorted - even emailing people about it makes me feel sick! I hate been such a wus, but it genuinely terrifies me so I am really going to try and do something about it, so will keep you posted on that.

The Celine bag is behaving impeccably, is it bad that I want another one now?

So how about some pretty things to look at on a wet and windy Tuesday evening :)

How amazing is this dress!!!

Lanvin Pleated Silk Dress £3305

and it would be beautiful with these!

Yves Saint Laurent Platforms £550

But back in the real world, I am loving these!

Tailored Cream Belted Crepe Shorts £38 - Warehouse

worn with this Jacket

 Cream Crepe Long Line Blazer £60 - also at Warehouse

I am really tempted by both these, but I may need to seriously San Tropez first!!!

and I saw this and thought it would look great on some of my friends!

 Mint Pleated Midi Skirt £39.99 - Zara

I have picked up the weekly glossies, so will hopefully have lots more things to share with you tomorrow!

oh and I didn't get anywhere with Louboutin online - so if you want to order from them within the UK, the price really IS £28 delivery charge for a single pair - such a shambles, and a pretty disgusting practice from a high end designer.

Thanks for reading, we are nearly half way through the week !

You can view lots more of my pictures at http://what-jools-wore.tumblr.com/


Anonymous said...

Do not give in and pay the £28 that is extortion!

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Can't you just get rat arsed like I do? Its the only thing that works for me although falling over in Costa at Gatwick before departure was so not a good look and OH had a fit! I have had Valium but honestly it doesn't take the churning feeling away from my stomach, only gin can do that. I make up two large bottles of G&T and start drinking as soon as I leave home. Only problem last year was that I fell asleep as soon as we boarded and I woke up 45 minutes later and we were still on the bloody runway! I can't let me fear stop me from having a week in the sun, there is nothing like laying out and feeling the sun on my creaky old bones!

Jools said...

Im so determined not to, but what can you do if NO stores have them ................ humph!!!!!! :D x

Jools said...

Tried it honey, it doesn't work, my adrenaline is pumping so high I could down a bottle of vodka and it wouldn't touch the sides, it has no effect whatsoever, mine is so beyond a fear of flying, I can't even drop PC off at the airport lol, its that bad !

I have not found a holiday yet that has been worth the stress it puts me thru!

Urban Butterfly said...

I knew you would find the trousers, you are unstoppable :) love that Midi skirt, it's just transferred on to my lust list ready for pay day. X