Sunday, 18 November 2012

A visit to the Enchanted Woodland at Syon House .......

Hi Lovelies,

Ouch, the heating has died at home! At times like this it is very, very handy to live next door to a heating electrician, but sadly we require a new circuit board that cannot be ordered until tomorrow - so it is pretty cold at home just now!

So the real fire is on full blast, so at least it is warm in one room in the house - I am going to need a hot water bottle tonight for sure!

So, the only thing to do is to spend the day outside, to make you feel warmer when indoors, and so this afternoon we visited the very fabulous Syon Park in Isleworth and walked around the lake on the enchanted woodland walk :)

The Duke of Northumberland has opened up his private grounds every evening for the next two weeks between 5pm and 8pm so that lots of visitors can experience the grounds with the magic of clever lighting.

It was pretty bracing, but so nice. It did feel so Christmassy with the mist coming off of the lake - we loved it.

So after that we went out for dinner, where a couple of glasses of wine were consumed (purely to keep warm you understand!) A pretty perfect Sunday really.

and when we got home, well I could not believe the X Factor result. Suddenly, voting for Rylan to stay in every week doesn't seem so funny now to the people who did vote!

My lust have items for Sunday are all pretty underwear direct from the goddess that is Dita Von Teese.

She has collaborated with Von Follies to bring out a devine collection.

(PC if you are reading, I like ALL of these ................ !)

Von Follies by Dita Von Teese Balconette Bra £32

Matching High Waist Brief £20

Dita Bra £34

What is your favourite underwear designer?

Thanks for reading. Hope you have had a fabulous weekend x


Urban Butterfly said...

I love the Von Follies collection, i know i will be investing :)

Anonymous said...

Great blog, I like the pictures, not saying which ones:-)

Anonymous said...

Great underwear

Anonymous said...

love the dita bra not sure if it will suit my b cups! nicole x