Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Pretty Topshop Gwenda Heels and High Street gorgeousness

Hi Lovelies,

White shoes are very much the order of the day for summer (yes, I know - I was unsure too!!!) but wherever you look they appear to be lurking and multiplying.

But if you are unsure if they are going to be a one season summer trend, Topshop (as always) have the answer.

Their Gwenda stilettos are selling fast. They are available in a rainbow of colours - have a heel that is just about low enough to wear during the day, and are so versatile that they will work just as well for work, as they do for play with jeans and dresses!

At £58 a pair, they are surely worth a try!!!

Emily Rossum took to the red carpet in the white ones this week

Topshop Gwenda Stiletto Heels £58 a pair

Sooo, are you tempted? and would you brave the white, or go for some colour?

I picked up this cute little blouse from Zara

Combination Crochet Blouse - £39.99 Zara
Perfect for summer, and nice to wear now with Jeans

and while we are on the white theme - I adore this coat that Mollie King from The Saturdays was snapped in last week.

Yes I know white is not practical at all, but it is sooooo pretty!

Mango Maxi Collar Off White Coat £149.99

oooh I want it so badly.
Sadly they only have an XS or S left in stock online and in
Mango that equates to a size 6 & 8, so if anybody does see it instore - can you let me know and I will love you forever!

and lastly, this lovely cobalt blue bag from Zara is my bargain of the week

Cobalt Blue Combination Leather Shopper Bag - Zara £59.99

Thanks for reading x



Hi,I never thought i would get back into stilletto's but I am so loving them right now, especially as you say a lot of them are low enough to wear in the day....I might get brave and try white one's later on....legs too white and pasty at the mo!! I have just found you and have followed you, it would be lovely if you could pass by mine and let me know what you think?...all comments welcome I am a newbie!! xx

Kassie Barker Jones said...

I love the Topshop stilettos! I was always anti them for ages, something used to remind me of cheap girls but in the past year I have fallen in love with them! I love the blue ones for a burst of colour and blue is everywhere at the moment! I need them! I also love your blue bag, so lovely! I also want that white coat now, Mollie King looks lovely in it!

Fab style yet again Jools! Love it!

Kassie xo

Jools Cockayne said...

Thanks Kassie, I know exactly what you mean about the Stilletto's lol. Will let you know if I track down the coat :)