Friday, 14 June 2013

A Feel Good Friday

Hi Lovelies,

Today was a good day - lunch with friends, PC is back home from a trip tonight, and a delivery!!!
All these things are guaranteed to put a smile on my face!

Mummy Cecily and Baby Cecily!

Mulberry Flower Cecily in Mint Green
Mulberry Flower Cross body Bag in Blush

Cutest little Summer Mulberry Family ever!

Sorbet Family - ooh I could lick them!

The Mulberry sale starts in store tomorrow - the preview sale was released today - clothes will be reduced by 50 percent, bags and accessories between 20% & 40%.

The only other thing that could tempt me now is the little Mint Blouse I blogged about yesterday.
The sales are only a great deal if you only buy something that you really wanted and were in love with at full price -
otherwise it is not a bargain at all!

Thanks for reading x


Applebypie said...

Good advice about sales Jools! I have yet to make my first Mulberry purchase, but this could be the year! They are so lovely. Xx

ASH said...

Lovely bags. I'm off to check out the sale ;-) x