Thursday, 5 September 2013

This girl got the jacket she wanted ................

Hi Lovelies,

Well, I did it!

I got the Velvet Jacket that I blogged about last week!

I impatiently went online to buy it from the H&M Paris collection at 9am - but it was not there.My first thought was, oh no, perhaps the collection is only going to be available in the London stores - but I kept refreshing and then at 9.30 there it was! MY jacket flashing at me!!  Elli and I excitedly checked out all of the pieces that were available and quickly checked out!

The collection sold out fast - so I was so happy to get the Jacket that I had most wanted from the Paris Show Collection. (Ebay already have these listed for 3 times the price - I hate that)

These are the pieces that I loved most and have ordered to try.

Crinkled Cotton Broiderie Anglais Blouse with fluted Sleeves £29.99

The Velvet Jacket was a great price

Shown here with the blouse

Velvet Embroidered Jacket - H&M Paris Show Collection £69.99

and the hat as already seen on Blake Lively

Captain's Hat - H&M Paris Show Collection £12.99

and just for the fun factor, we ordered this one to try

Faux Fur Coat £39.99

Blush Chiffon Dress £49.99

Bow Tie Back

The cape is adorable too (but I didn't order that!)

Wool Blend Cape £69.99

I will let you know what they are like as soon as they arrive

What is your favourite piece??

Thanks for reading xx


Michelle said...

Great buying them all

Jools Cockayne said...

Thanks M, H&M is so hit and miss though, that if one or two of them are great I will be happy!!! :)

Volha Havorchanka said...
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