Saturday, 7 September 2013

Thoughts turn to Autumn ...........

Hi Lovelies,

My fashion fickleness as it turns out, extends past justs bags and shoes and dresses - I can apply it to my poor car too..........

Urgh, remind me in future to not fix something that isn't broken!

Its sobering to know that we never really learn - I had my previous car for four years (a record for Jools as my husband would most happily testify) and then I get tempted by shiny things but within a few short months realise that it is not right for me at all, and I so wish I hadn't changed! Does this sound familiar with anybody else.

Its been an expensive mistake, but a lesson learnt. There is too much traffic around to not have an automatic car in my life! I was crazy to change.
So poor Mouse is up for sale, looking shiny and brand new, and ready for a new adventure with somebody that will appreciate her - and I will try not to sob thinking about how much bag and shoe money this is actually going to cost me.

Sigh, anyway, the weather changed yesterday as we were promised, so I got organised and dusted off my fab Zara hat with chain from last A/W (what would we do without lint rollers in our lives)

It is now ready to welcome the little H&M one that will arrive next week

and that got me thinking about the pieces I would like to add to my Autumn Wardrobe

Top of my wish list are these little beauties

Rockstud Leather Gloves - Valentino £280

and these!

Resillissima Suede & Mesh Ankle Boots - Christian Louboutin £695 (adore these!)

and I like these sweaters

Striped Jumper with Collar - ASOS £35

Jumper with Woven Open Back - Karen Millen £85

and this ultimate slouch cashmere sweater

Ettie Cashmere Jumper - Whistles £170

Grey Ribbed Panel Sweater - Carven £291

Are you already thinking about pieces you can add to your existing wardrobe too?

Thanks for reading xxx

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