Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The perfect white summer dress …...

Hi Gorgeous ones,

The white dress for me IS summer. I like to buy at least one new one every year!
I know that lots of you adore white linen trousers and white jeans - but it is the dress that completely encapsulates the sunshine for me.
But what do you do when the one that haunts your dreams is a crazy amount of money? Yes, Chloe, I am talking about you and your spectacularly gorgeous Guipure Lace Dress!

Designer day dresses to me are always a conundrum - yes of course I appreciate the work that has gone into them - but where as we can justify gorgeous (and for that, read expensive) designer shoes and bags, because we wear them an awful lot, it's much harder to apply the same logic to a dress - especially when you are as clumsy as I am …….. and white is gonna need a lot of looking after.

Still, the dress won't leave my thoughts, and it was made much worse when I saw it in store at Selfridges this weekend - it's far too beautiful for words.

Chloe S/S 2015 White Guipure Lace Dress

Rosie wore the halter neck version to Coachella (as you do!)

Chloe Crochet Dress (Net-a-Porter Exclusive)  £1920

The Crocheted dresses are super cute too - but wince inducing at £1745

So, back in the real world Zara was my friend!
Because a dress you can actually wash and not be scared of definitely had its advantages - right!

Lace Dress - Zara £69.00

I received the one above and it is seriously gorgeous.
OK, it may not be Guipure Lace like the Chloe one - but it is much more purse and red wine friendly!

Zara definitely took their inspiration from the Chloe versions
so you can get the look without breaking the bank

Crochet Cape Sleeve Dress - Zara £59.99

Lace Dress - Zara £69.99

Which one is your favourite?

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