Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Tuesday - Is all about Love but even more about Chocolate I promise!

Hi Lovelies,

So how has Tuesday found you?

For the loved up out there, Happy Valentines Day!!! For my gorgeous single friends - It's Tuesday and that means MAGAZINE DAY - so really, everybody's a winner ............

I had a really cool day. We went out for lunch with Mimi to The Runnymede Hotel (The Teenager is on her second date today heheeee).

I indulged in one of my favourite things (noooo not that!) - People Watching. There were some really cute couples having lunch, and there was a lovely old couple who held hands all the time they were there)

The desserts at the hotel are pretty amazing. I snapped some piccies to tease you with!

Today Jools Wore this Sheer Panel Blouse £36 from Topshop (This is the back of the blouse)

with these zipped trousers from Fearne Cotton £39 at Very

With a House of Harlow Pendant!

and if any day calls for it to be a Louboutin Day, it's Valentines - right?

Jools Wore Louboutin Simples £375 and carried a Black Balenciaga City

I also got a BIG surprise today (which takes a lot, as I am more than curious) My Lovely husband presented me with two boxes. Our conversation went exactly like this .........

Me: WHERE did you hide those!!!

PC: Somewhere you wouldn't think to look & wouldn't go

Me: Ahhhh how clever of you to hide them in the Oven!

Anyhow I am digressing (Ok I "may" have been searching around the last few days but I found absolutely nothing. It's much harder since he got wise to my whole snooping thing, he even takes the receipts out of his wallet these days ......)

It's a Louis Vuitton Agenda in Pomme. I absolutely love it. And when I opened it up I loved it even more

It's personalised! and even better it's with MY Initials lol, not some randoms, what are the chances!

The inserts have gold leaf edging, and the Agenda matches my wallet. It was a totally lovely surprise

I hope you all have had a great valentines day, I would really love to hear what you have done and if you got any gifts!!

Thanks for reading

Until tomorrow

You can view lots more of my pictures at http://what-jools-wore.tumblr.com/


Lorien said...

Wow, looks like someone had a great day! I bought myself champagne truffles, and my Mother bought me a huge box of chocolates. Just had a gorgeous champagne, and steak dinner with the family so I cannot complain - but it's the first year I've not had a Valentine's card :(. Clearly losing my touch ha! Love the LV agenda great colour - and it's all about heatstamping in gold ;-). Oh, and great Balenciaga, and Loubs. Good taste lovely x

Jools said...

You may not have got a card, but 2 boxes of chocolates AND dinner! I'm tempted to say that might be better!!! :) x

Anonymous said...

No gifts. No cards. But I did have a chicken kiev with some fries for my dinner and 2 bottles of Strongbow. 1 roll up, and a Crunchie bar for pudding. I have this Valentine's thing down.

deborah said...
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Jools said...

Totally rocking Valentines there la ! x

deborah said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day! I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers that were the same as the ones I carried on my wedding day (amnesia roses - which are the most gorgeous pinky-grey vintage colour, something purple, eucalyptus and lots of dark green and silvery bits).

Jools said...

oh they sound amazing. Can you tweet a pic of them Deb? x

Looking Fab in your forties said...

I have been told the three Chanel nail polishes and a ring I ordered from my-wardrobe (paid for on his card)well I seem to have mislaid mine, are my gifts for the day. All gone a bit tits up compared to the days when I used to get a box of strawberries dipped in chocolate from Godiva every Friday and I got a Louis Vuitton inclusion ring a couple of years ago for Valentine! Sadly it was wrong size and wouldn't fit on my fat sausage like fingers, so it had to go.
Still I went into town and bought a coffee and a Gypsy Tart, so the day wasn't too bad!

deborah said...

Done! (I think)

Jools said...

A gypsy tart for Valentines, don't start me off again, I'm only just erasing the Big Fat Gypsy Wedding images from my head from earlier tonight honey :D

Jools said...

I can't find it :( try and add me into the tweet @louboutinjools xxx

Anonymous said...

I just read yours and pc's conversation to my hubby he said well I best just hide yours in the sink or by the Hoover cheeky man!

What was in the second box or did I miss that? Lastly the simples are they 80mm or 100mm I want the 100mm but am afraid that they will peel like Linda said hers did! I am quite hooked on my super high acne pumps though x

Maybe your vod should be a palm tree dress, or renew your vowels in a cat dress ; p

Nicole x

Jools said...

The first box was the Agenda, the second was the inserts, you have to buy them separately :)

Mine are the 100 honey. I think if you really want to be wearing them all day and work them, the 80s will be a perfect choice, BUT the 100 look better ;)
So its style / comfort dilemma thing again lol, but my decision was also based on the fact that the 100s easily double up as an evening look too

I am designing a cat dress as we speak, obviously I will take it one stage further and make mine leopard print bling - GRRRRRR !

deborah said...

OK I think it's there now, though it seems to be sideways. Obviously I am a tech wizard.

Anonymous said...

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr lol

100's look good the 80's no offense anybody look kind of wrong!

I keep rocking these lately


Jools said...

They do, they do a 70 as well, proper margaret thatcher height !!

I love those ACNEs- they are amazing

have you seen the blue silk summer ones ............ yummy x