Saturday, 12 May 2012

Happy Saturday

Hi Lovelies,

How was Saturday for you?

Ours was good, met up with my brother for lunch and then we went to see our friends tonight and ate gorgeous Chinese Food, drank wine and watched Pudsey win Britain's Got Talent!
What it says about us as a country - that the most talented act at the moment is a dog, may be open to interpretation, but I was super excited and I must confess to have voted for him - I adored them and thought they totally deserved to win. It was Mission Possible!

We have just arrived home and I am catching up on The Proposal - gosh Ryan Reynolds is beautiful!

Shoes of the Day are most definitely these divine creations - How Pretty are these!

Charlotte Olympia Valentine Heart Platforms £990

I totally got screwed on Ebay for the first time in over 10 years by the seller of the Mary Katrantzou dress. She never had the dress to sell in the first place!
I paid her immediately and then she spent 10 days making excuses as to why she hadn't sent it......
God I hate Ebay so much sometimes. Where do people get off trying to sell things that they never owned in the first place?
Ebay and Paypal have got involved so I will get refunded, but it is still over 3 weeks that I will be out of pocket by a pretty large amount. So I am pretty pissed off about it AND I have no dress!

I have left her negative obviously, but this stuff seems to go on all the time. Ebay have said that even though she never had it, what she would have done was taken the money from her Paypal account and deposited it, so Paypal cannot claim it back from her - all they can do is put her account into a negative once they refund me, so she just will not use the account again - some people are absolute complete and utter scumbags. And breathe .......... 

Now our cat may not be in Pudsey's league, but she won the game of hide and seek hands down today!

Too Cute!

I will be back to proper fashion blogging tomorrow!

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Urban Butterfly said...

OMG that is so bad, I bet she has been frantically trying to source a dress to make some profit on. What kind of weirdo puts something for sale on eBay they don't actually have? Tho it happened to my friend with an only fools and horses signed still of the show, they never had it and was waiting for one they had purchased to be delivered!
On a more refund note we have already out Cherry into training, we're hoping to get her singing in tune ; )

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Sad thing is she probably just get a new user name and start all over again. x

Jools said...

I know, it is so bloody annoying ............
and I would vote for Cherry even if she just sat there for 2 minutes!!!!

Jools said...

Yes, she will sell a few low value items to get her feedback looking good, and then do it all over again I am sure x