Saturday, 4 May 2013

Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl ............. The Verdict!!!!

Hello Lovelies,

Well, after a few false starts (going on wait list's at hair suppliers only to be told it was on back order now until at least June),  a knock at the door this morning signalled the arrival of the most hotly anticipated gadget for hair EVER!!

Could this gadget really live up to the hype that it has recently created? I was super excited to find out.

The first thing I have to mention is the price. It is really expensive at £169.99. 
It takes ALOT to get over this - aside from GHD's or a professional quality hairdryer I have not come across a hair gadget that is anything like this price-point. But the reviews have been so good that I was still desperate to try it.

The only way to justify it I guess, is if you have regular blow-dry's - I calculated it would be akin to approximately 10 of them at my local salon (Don't panic Kaz, of course it won't stop me coming in!) And you will use this a lot more than 10 times! I also knew that my two girls who both have long hair, would like using it too, so it helped me bite the bullet.

So upon opening the box, it comes with two sets of instructions. As soon as you start using it, it becomes very clear that there is only ONE single instruction that you need to get right - and that is that clearly marked on the chamber on one side is a display that says - this side must be held closest to the scalp. It is obvious why after just a couple of go's, but it does mean that you have to get used to holding it in a certain way and so for the first couple of times of using it, I would 100% recommend that somebody helps you - especially with the back of the hair.


So hair has to be clean, and combed through! I washed mine this morning, and then quickly blow dried it with a brush to make it semi smooth - I didn't use any product at all.

There are 3 heat settings, and 3 timer settings.
There is also a left, right and automatic option.

The left you would obviously use on the left side, and switch to the right for the right side so that the
barrel shape stays uniform on both sides.

I left it on auto for the first try, just so that you get some random, less uniform curls.

As you can see, my hair at this point is just long and straight ........
and then look how much shorter it becomes with the first curl!

I played safe and used the medium heat setting and the medium (10 seconds) timer

So you literally clamp the hair at the point of the hair you want it to start curling from
(if you wanted real spirals, you could start right at the scalp, but for a more wavy look I started much further down)
then press down - and that is is! The hair is automatically whooshed into the chamber
and it beeps 4 times when the 10 seconds is up.

The curl chamber changes the look and texture of your hair immediately

If you are going out and want it to look really styled, you can section your hair and really go for it!

This being just a practice, I clamped my hair at kind of eyebrow height
so that the curl started quite low down

It is really really easy - and the curls are bouncy instantly.
This first time, bearing in mind we had no idea what we were doing
took 7 minutes for a whole head of curls.

Curls from different angles ........

So this is the finished result with no hair serum, mousse or hairspray

5 hours later, the curls are still completely there, and have not dropped despite being
out and about all afternoon - I am seriously impressed.

Could you get a similar result with a wand - honestly - yes, but it would take much longer and
is nowhere near as easy or fun, and you would have to use a lot more styling product
to hold the curl - this just works naturally.

I hope my review has helped you.

Thanks for reading xxx


Michelle said...

Ooh Jools how fab! Thanks for the review and pics. I must see whether I can get one. PS You look fab doll. xox

Anonymous said...

This is GREAT - thank you for the review!!! I love to curl my hair sometimes. It seems to be the perfect gadget I've been waiting all my straight hair life for :-) I just could never be bothered with the hair products then ages to curl. I just might invest in this since I don't even have blow dries at the hairdresser. And I have 2 little girls too....

Jools Cockayne said...

aww thankyou my lovely one. If you can be patient I know they are going to become more and more available - but who am I kidding - we are not blessed with any patience whatsoever!!!

Jools Cockayne said...

Oh I am so glad you liked the review.Your girls would adore it too and if you can all practice on each other, you will get the hang of this in literally minutes.

I am thinking you need it!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh your hair looks absolutely gorgeous! I used the old fashion heated rollers lol! Time for an update...:-)

Patricia Cater said...

At the moment the cost of this is going to keep me away from it. However your review was very informative and your hair looks fantastic. I was a little concerned as to whether it would damage your hair, getting trapped in the device, etc, etc. Obviously tho this is not the case as you report no mishaps at all.

I am very tempted but for now, to stop my purse/cards having a coronary, I'll stick with the wand!

Jools Cockayne said...

Hi there, many thanks for your comments - it honestly doesn't damage the hair at all. I think John Lewis and Argos have it for £101.99 at the moment on offer, but if you already have a wand, I would wait for The New Year and there will be lots of offers after Christmas I am sure :)

yanxin chiong said...
really confused between the genuine and counterfeit one,do you have any idea to different them?

Constantin said...

Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl ...