Saturday, 14 April 2012

Saturday Blog

Hi Lovelies,

Well the day started out so well, I was so excited to watch the Grand National as it is a family tradition, but after what happened during the race I cried and I haven't actually got over it yet.

I know it sounds dramatic, but if you do actually follow horses, you feel like you know them just a tiny bit, and the thought of Synchronised not making it home, after his amazing race at The Gold Cup makes my heart sink, and I think of his stable girl and Im a blubbering bloody mess.

And According to Pete - well there was a VT of his owners shown in the build up to the race - Normal Guys that run the newsagents in their village. The Owner said, and I quote, 'I don't care where he finishes, I just want him home safe ...............'

If they really thought that, why do they risk it?

I'm not in the camp that says the race should be banned, but something drastic needs to change. A horse not returning from a race is completely unacceptable.

Sorry to be so bleak. Im sensitive when it comes to animals at the best of times, but I am really upset about it, and feel actually guilty that I placed money on Synchronised. I wish he hadn't been caught when he bolted before the start, because he then wouldn't have been able to race and would still be alive :(

We spent the evening in London, so here are some pictures for you. I promise I will be back on sparking form tomorrow ..........

Giant Shoe outside The Louboutin Boutique in Selfridges

I had hoped to purchase my studded Pigalles tonight, but they had none in stock.

How very civilised! We all had Afternoon Tea (even though it was technically Evening) 

I love looking up while walking through St Christopher's Place 

and I just love this! Some Al-Fresco diners had come very prepared.
The dog had bought his own blanket and coat!

Oh, I have an amazing reveal for you tomorrow, so don't forget to check it out please!!

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Michelle said...

I was so sad to read about the 2 horses.

On a happier note, love the studded Pigalles! HOT!!!

Jools said...

Me too, I have been holding off of ordering them at the Louboutin site as the postage charge was pretty high, but I can't find them instore so may have to just bite the bullet!!

LooweezBx said...

Yeah that's so sad about the horses that died/got shot... I hate the Grand National, I'm completely against all animal racing! :(

Urban Butterfly said...

I am afraid I am in the It should be banned club. Apprently this year thye lowered the height of the fences yet still the carnage happens! It makes my heart so sad.
How cute is that little dog, if i had a little one like that i would take care of him just like that :)