Thursday, 16 February 2012

Thursday - Includes a trip to Westfield and lots of shoe drooling!

Hi Lovely ones

Soooo how has Thursday been for you?

London Fashion Week is upon us so I need not leave the house for the next few days! I can watch some of the gorgeous shows online and make a little mental check list of all the pieces that I really, really want!

I promised a review of the L'oreal Telescopic Mascara that I blogged about yesterday.
It is super easy to use,  with a really nice brush, but it certainly did not give the flash lash effect, extra long look that it promised (when do they ever!!!) but I still liked it as it covers the lashes really well and has lasted all day. The price of it btw was £9.99. (I only used one coat, some pics below)
Still by far my favourite at the moment is the Vibrating Dior 360 one - although now I expect every mascara to vibrate by itself .......... !!!

We fitted in a trip to Westfield today.

Jools Wore Black Valentino top, Hudson Jeans, KG boots and I used the Eggplant Mulberry large buckle Tillie today.

First Stop was of course Coffee!!!

Lots of Pretty Sparkles at Miu Miu!

This dress is soooo pretty!

The bags are bright citrus colours!

They have continued the success of the glitter theme on the shoes (not sure if Glitter is going to prove quite as popular in the summer tho?). They are a wedge (can be seen in both window pics above). Still completely gorgeous of course! Price is £460.

The plainer suede pair are also lush! They come with gold heel detailing and are priced at £410

Louis Vuitton was still in full on Valentine Mode! They had every single Red (Pomme) piece they had in stock hanging in every glass window - it looked really effective. A really nice window display is below.

Mulberry was pretty well stocked. The mini Snakeprint Alexa in cream is completely adorable. The window displays were also really cute!

And I have kind of veered away from Missoni in the past few seasons as every dress does look the same lol. But I did have a browse today and they had some beautiful dresses. Now I just need an incredible holiday to wear them all on please ............

The little must have item that I found today is this limited edition Nina Ricci Perfume. The bottle is one of the cutest I have ever seen, and the perfume is nice too (very floral, not overpowering!)
I need this in my life!

Perfume - Nina Ricci - Fantasy

No VOD today so how about a song instead!

My SOD for you, is Gotye because I still love absolutely love it x Totally worth a play!

Thanks so much for reading.

Until Tomorrow x

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Looking Fab in your forties said...

I've got a cupcake LV window pic from Sloane St on Wednesday. What can I say! Love your Valentino top x

Jools said...

Heeheee, no need to say anything lmao !!!!!! How did today go gorge, was it really good fun? And how did Claudia get on.

Looking Fab in your forties said...

I'm knackered, its a young girls game for sure! Mind you getting up at 5am didn't help after waking up every hour throughout the night! Claudia got on well, only problem was she dropped her camera and broke it, so has just gone to Tesco to buy another one! She got a great pic of her with Pixie Lott!