Saturday, 31 March 2012

Saturday - Not my regular shoe shopping !!!

Hello Lovelies!

How is your weekend going.

Everything is fab Chez Jools, well apart from every time I try and move my legs! Day 5 and I am suffering big time - It is all good though as I have found the perfect cure - lying on the sofa and letting everything come to me - it is blinking brilliant! That or move to a bungalow maybe .... hmmm stairs are a little bit of an issue for me just now!

Today we all went to Windsor, it was so cold, but really nice. A wedding was taking place and the bridesmaids and flower girls were walking down the hill next to the castle. This is not easy in heels and they all looked so pretty. I didn't take piccies of them though, they seemed vulnerable enough as it was!

I have learnt the hard way that cobbles and heels in Windsor (oh and Guildford) are not good partners!
So Jools Wore these today (cold feet alert!)

Pewter Jewelled Wedge Sandals £35 - Next 

I have bought a pair every S/S for the past 3 years as soon as they are released!

Speaking of Shoes, I finally caved and bought some "proper" running shoes (I am still not sure what was wrong with my studded converse really), but I must have got 30 different messages telling me to make sure I buy good running shoes!
Well this is not the fun kind of Shoe Shopping that I usually enjoy but apparently these were the best fit on me ........ hmmmm walking out with shoes and getting no buzz - this is something I do not like one little bit!

not my most exciting purchase ever huh!

So of course I need to redress the balance and show you something pretty, as the above purchase totally freaked me out more than you!

My lust-have Saturday item is this gorgeous little cutie - err HOW cute!!!

Miu Miu Rosette Bag £995

Shall we wear it with this!!

Oscar de la Renta Chantilly Lace Dress £4445!!! (pretty though, right!)

and I am gonna leave you with the important stuff!!

Thanks for reading x

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