Sunday, 1 April 2012

Easy like Sunday Morning .......

Hey Lovelies,

Well Sunday has been gorgeously mellow and relaxed,which is great for me, but not so great for blogging purposes!

My new trainers are broken! They sadly possess no magical powers that make running easier. I thought if I popped them on and also wiggled my nose at the same time, it would suddenly all become super easy - so they are clearly defunct and unfit for purpose as I am still running like this

Mary Katrantzou name seems to be in the air just now! I love bright colours in the summer, so she is a dream designer for me. Some of the new season dresses are gorgeous.

Babelona bale print dress £1270

Balalaika Floral Dress £1105

Salamandra Fish Dress £855

Iron Lung Dress £910

The colours are so pretty, although I still actually love the more affordable dress that she designed for Topshop even more! Sadly they sold out in 30 minutes even though they were still £350 - you can find one on Ebay if you really want to spend £500 though!

The first of the month always makes me think of the one item that I REALLY want as my main purchase - something so special it will clearly enhance the universe (and my wardrobe!)

Jools wants these Louboutin's as her April Purchase please!

 Christian Louboutin Pigalle 100s (see easy to walk in!) in Pink £375

I have chosen these as they are just such a great colour and they are going to work with jeans and dresses, AND I can wear them during the day and evening - see how much more justification does one girl need!

What is the one item you would really love this month that makes your heart pound??? Let me know :)

I am having a girly night watching I don't know how she does it with Sarah Jessica Parker.

Until tomorrow!

Oh and PC, these shoes are sitting in my Net-a-Porter Basket waiting for me to love them if you are reading ......... xxx

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Looking Fab in your forties said...

Those shoes are a great colour, love them!

Jools said...

ooh me too honey, I think they are a great summer pair :) xx Keep me posted on the sunglasses, loved them on you !