Friday, 18 May 2012

Jools High Street Friday!

Hi Lovelies,

Shall we all do a virtual High Five? Yay, we have made it to the weekend. I hope you all have some lovely plans. Let me know what you are going to be doing.

Well, another exam is in the can here, so things are a little calmer Chez Jools today!

The Topshop delivery came and I am so happy with the little denim studded jacket. It is really heavy, but as cute as can be. I wore it as soon as it arrived!

Jools Wore Topshop Denim Studded Jacket £80

Silk Top by Zara, Swan Print Skirt from Topshop

Studded Peep-toe Ankle Boots - New Look

Lipstick Celine Mini Luggage Bag

This little Peplum Top also came from Toppers (£26)
I will let you know if the fit is as good as the cream Zara one.

I took Elli out for lunch to get over the trauma of her Statistic Maths Exam!

Can you guess from this picture where we went?

Yes, today was definitely a Wagamama day

I am craving Gyoza all of the time recently. I may need Waga Rehab.

We had time to have a little look around.

This little scalloped edge suit caught my eye. It only came into store this morning.

Pink Striped Blazer with Scallop Edging - River Island £40 

Matching Pink Striped Shorts £20

Well it would have been rude not to try it on, wouldn't it?

And I have to leave you today with a couple of very pretty things that caught my eye

New in this week at Mulberry. Floral Patent Leather Bayswater £895
I must repeat as a Mantra - the Bays does not work for me ...........

and an equally pretty David Beckham lighting the Olympic Torch this evening

Thanks for reading x

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Urban Butterfly said...

How dam cute are you in those pictures! The toppers denim jacket is fab! I wanted the black peplum top but could not acquire due to my spending ban. I love the idea of them and a pencil skirt, totes me! I have a bright blue one and it's so hot!

Jools said...

aww shucks!!!! It will still be there when you get back honey, a pencil skirt would totally rock with the peplum xx

Shetland:) said...

I so wish that Bays worked for me :( xx

LooweezBx said...

Statistic maths? Yuck! I'm doing that at uni haha it's awful! My last 2 exams are monday and tuesday, cannot wait! So this weekend I'm off work and just studying for them :(

Mmm wagamama! What even are gyozas?? Never had them before!


Jools said...

I know, its such a classic, but I have had about 5 different ones now, and they just aren't right for everybody!!! I love
them on everybody I see (maybe we are odd ;)

Jools said...

Aww good luck studying this weekend, its almost over now (best of luck!!)

Gyozas are just little steamed dumplings, you can have vegetables in them or chicken, its just tiny bits of chicken with some bean sprouts and onion inside and then they can grill them to give the dumpling some texture.

So tasty, but quite a healthy option :)

deborah said...

I saw they had the lily in the same finish as the bays - pretty! - not to be tempting :)

Jools said...

lol, not helping! I am safe with the Lily tho, as it is too similar in size to my Chanel Mini, so don't need one of those ;) !

Daniella Beauty Junkie said...

Love the denim jacket! And that Mulberry bag is ridiculously gorgeous...

P.s. I live about 15 mins away from where Becks lit the torch... :)


Jools said...

ooh you were so close to him lol ;) I bet he smells great :D x

Shetland:) said...

Perhaps!! I've had 4 now and even the ultimate classic oak didn't work :(