Saturday, 19 May 2012

A Super Chilled Saturday and some dream gowns!

Hi Lovelies,

It has been a home day here today, the most taxing things we have done are go to the garden centre and go to the coffee shop. I sound like an 80 years old. In fact could you pass me a Werthers Original please .......

I have spent the day looking at bridesmaids dresses. This is going to be my very first time at being one (technically I am Matron of Honour but who wants to be called Matron!) and lets face it, it is probably going to be the last, so I need to be a fabulous one!

I have a brief, and I can pretty much choose exactly what I want, the only specific I have to adhere to is the colour.

The problem is, I have seen THE dress, and nothing else compares. The only thing to not like about it is the price!!! I am praying it is going to go into the summer sales, but realistically I just do not see it happening as it is a timeless classic.

So every month I have a half-hearted attempt to look at others that might work, but in my head is THE dress! (we have all been there right?!)

Even if it goes into the sale, I would of course still need to pay a hefty amount towards it, so let us all pray to the fashion Gods that it does please so that I can then stop worrying about it.

Have you ever had this happen to you? What did you do!

I wonder if I shouldn't order it at full price just to see if it is as perfect as it looks (and perhaps hope that it is hideous on!) but then I know if it is as amazing as I think it is, I will not want to return it, and then it probably WOULD go in the sale a couple of weeks later! But then, what if it does go in the sale and I miss out on it as somebody beats me to it! ALL these scenario's are running through me head at the moment.

Now what pretty things can I show you today. As it was a High Street Bonanza yesterday shall we go for some completely obscenely priced pieces! 
Maybe buy an extra scratch card.

How about a £12,145 lace chiffon Alexander McQueen creation!!!

or maybe some Silk Printed Roberto Cavalli? A snip at £7175

or some beautifully ethereal Erdem? Pandora Lace Gown £4760

Mary Katrantzou Silk Taffeta £4270

Valentino Anyone!!? Hand Embroidered Lace Dress £10,755

or lastly, some Layered Silk Chiffon courtesy of Bottega Veneta £8345

Sigh, it is very hard to put your PJ's on after seeing dresses this incredible!

Thanks for reading x

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Kate Pink Smith said...

Oh, you're sooooo my kinda gal! Where've you been all my life?! Xxx awesome McQ

Michelle said...

LOVE Mary K and Roberto C!!! Get the dress Jools, thats an order!

Jools said...

Well I do not like to disobey a direct order!! You can see why I love it so much, right ;) x

LooweezBx said...

Oh no what a predicament!

I looove the last one so pretty!

Nicole said...

Jools we need a link to the dress!