Thursday, 31 May 2012

Wednesday - A My Wardrobe Delivery ........

Hi Lovelies,

Oh it is a late blog post this evening. It has been super busy Chez Jools, but it is all great.

If you haven't checked out my new website yet, I would love it if you would!

Simply click on the link below!

I had a lovely time with The Teenager today. We fitted in a little trip to the shops too (just to have a fun trying on session - because you don't always have to buy!)

I had a delivery from My Wardrobe today!

I had been looking for a dress to wear for my Birthday Dinner

Vivienne Westwood Red Fond Dress £260

I really like it as it is a nice lightweight fabric and has a really nice zip feature that curves around the back

It was still super sunny with us today (Sorry Vic!) So Jools Wore
a Blue Daisy Sundress that I purchased last summer from Asos (they still have similar ones this season)

Thank you so much for the emails about pictures of my OWN wardrobe. How about I drip feed you pictures occasionally instead of all at once!?

Thanks so much for reading x

You can view lots more of my pictures at


Nicole said...

I want that red dress it is divine! x

taffetaramblings said...

Amazing parcels - always makes a day a little bit brighter when there is a fashion delivery. The Vivienne Westwood stress is simply stunning. xxx

Michelle said...

Ooh the VW dress looks fab on you and great paired with the new Miu Mius. You will have to take pics of your bday weekend! PS Do you really think you need that many Chanel handbags:) Please send the black one my way!

Jools said...

Thanks N, you cannot go wrong with a VW, and the sales will all be starting in the next couple of weeks ;)!

oh and the link to the Peplum top at Topshop is:

They have it red and white now too x

Jools said...

Thanks so much, it is so true, the delivery of a box can change your entire day!!! :) (following you now on Twitter!)

Jools said...
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