Thursday, 14 June 2012

Avoiding the Summer Sales! Is it even possible!

Hi Lovelies,

Well most of the sales have now started, I would love to know what has got you excited. We are all tentatively waiting for the Net-a-Porter sale just to see what goes in, but early signs are that some of the other high end sales have been brilliant.

I was very excited about the Browns sale this morning. Lots of Louboutins went to 40% off, but by 10.30am they had been readjusted back to full price (I was at the Orthadontist with Elli so I watched this pan out!)

I was super intrigued, surely they hadn't sold them ALL immediately.

No, it was much more exciting than that! Louboutin had FORCED Browns to take ALL reduced items off-line. Browns have had to work a way around it! You can still buy them at the reduced price, but you have to pay full price at checkout and then have Browns adjust the price after you have ordered (but before your card is processed). Because Louboutin does not want anybody to be aware of any discounts occurring on their shoes. How whack is that! So if you DO see a pair that you like, email them and see if they are price adjusting (not on classic styles though sadly!)

Speaking of Browns, they have reduced Roland Mouret dresses by 50% - oh my goodness - just to own one would be a dream, so if anybody has any spare cash - you HAVE to take a look at the online sale there! Because who doesn't need a Little Black Dress!

 How Incredible is this Dress!!!! Reduced from £1495 - to £750
oh gosh I would do bad things for this dress!

£1080 reduced to £540!

 £1230 reduced to £615

What have you seen that you HAVE to have!

Thanks for reading x

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Urban Butterfly said...

That is crazy shizzle! Silly Louboutin! I have seen far to much, I'm loading up my ASOS basket as we speak!

Jools said...

I know, its such crazy behaviour. You would think they would celebrate that their shoes are sometimes more affordable lol! I am loving what is in your virtual Asos basket :D

Anonymous said...

Sale madness afflicted me tonight! Went to try on the cardi I had ordered from zara to discover it is hideous. Bought a jacket instead (neither in the sale) then half an hour later took it back! Bought a necklace - it's going back.... Sunday looks like a day for returning stuff for me. Did make a couple of sneaky purchases online tho! Hee hee! PB x

Daniella Beauty Junkie said...

That first RM dress is amazing!! Surely it's worth abusing the credit card for that beauty :) xx

Jools said...

Oh Poppy, sounds like you had a shopping nightmare!!! Hope the online ones turn out to be stunning :)

Jools said...

oh Daniella, you are so not helping heheheheeeee!!! :)

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Stupid bloody Louboutin. They are getting right on my tits and all this after the their website delivery charges is just too much!

Jools said...

I agree honey, but Browns have been brilliant :)