Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Birthday Gifts and a BRILLIANT Bronzer for under a fiver!

Hi Lovelies,

Another awful, grey wet AND cold day out there today.

It wasn't the kind of day to collect the doggies, come back home and only then remember that you had given your door keys to your brother so that he could house sit!!!  I mean, really - who would be stupid enough to do that ...........

Oh dear! Back to reality big time!

The postman bought me a gorgeous birthday gift today from my friend Maria (Thanks again honey, I love it)

How Cute is this! It is a scarf with a hummingbird on it!

So Jools Wore it straightaway!!! Depressing that it is so cold out though in June!

I also wore my cute little bracelet that my Star of a friend Clairey bought for me
(do you see what I did there!)

and I have to show you this customised Nail Polish that Vic bought for me!

I love that you can personalise the Shade! Sooooo cool!

and I was so lucky as I got lots of other Nail Polishes too
Including the new Chanel Shades - Holiday and Island

and the most fabulous blue which I cannot wait to wear with the Mulberry Dress
and Boots!

I have to tell you about this new bronzer that I bought to try.
It is new in from good old Boots No 7 range and it was a bargainous £4.95
AND you got a free blusher blush with it.

Well it is really nicely packaged but I bought it not really having any expectations.


Seriously, I am loving it. It is just beautiful colours with some
shimmer in. You HAVE to try this I promise you will like it!
I have used it every day since I got it.

 No 7 Instant Glow Bronzing Rocks

Well the High Street Sales have started (Oasis was today) and the Harvey Nichols sale starts tomorrow. 
Does anybody have anything on their hit list that they are really hoping to get? I would love to hear if you do. Or if you have already scored anything from My Wardrobe or Matches - please share with us!

Thanks for reading - I love that you do :)

You can view lots more of my pictures at http://what-jools-wore.tumblr.com/


Urban Butterfly said...

Glad you liked it :) how clever is that nail polish!

Would you say the bronzer is matte or shimmery. Naughty NARS teese there too, tell me about it, I am a tart for NARS and red lippy!

Jools said...

It is mainly matt honey, but because it has a few of the metallic like highlighter colours mixed in, it does give a glimpse of sheen - I am super impressed :D

I wore the red lippy both nights out this weekend! Got to love Nars as it comes out v matt like :) xxx

Anonymous said...

Love those nail polishes! Esp the Jools special! Also scarf and bracelet - you lucky girl. Hoping to get some high st action on thursday eve after work!PBx

Anonymous said...

The bronzes looks excellent, I might try it! I love my bobbi brown shimmer brick though you should give its while. Glad you had a fab birthday!! I have to admit buying nothing in the sales only full price items so far boo Nicole xxx

Jools said...

Me too N, there is nothing that I need from the sales - Did I really just admit to that lol! The bronzer is def worth a try x

Urban Butterfly said...

Is the NARS like a chubby stick?

Jools said...

Yes, you can dab it on to give it just a slightly flushed look or full on pencil stylie !!!!!!