Friday, 1 June 2012

Dresses, Dresses and More Dresses!

Hi Lovelies,

I am very excited about the Jubilee weekend, we have put out some pastel coloured bunting and have put our Union Jack doormat at the front door! To be around to witness the Diamond Jubilee when it has only ever happened once before is pretty epic isn't it!

I am also super excited about my friend coming to stay for the weekend. We always have the best time and I simply cannot wait to see her.

So I am sitting here watching the Royal documentary, painting my nails and blogging. A lovely way to spend a Friday evening - the only thing missing is a cucumber sandwich!

Continuing my royal theme, (well the queen does technically own every swan!!!) I wanted to show you a new day dress I have.

It was just THE best price at £38 from Topshop but sadly sold out on the morning of release so I was really lucky to get one.
(Nads, I will keep stalking online & stores til we find you one!!!) 

I also tried on the Vintage Zara dress to show you.
(I blogged about buying it a couple of weeks ago)

Drop Waist Embroidered White Dress - Zara £89.99

I love the vintage look to it

and I found this gorgeous little dress online which I thought was super cute.
It is available at Oasis if anybody fancies look prettier than a pretty thing!

 Textured & Pleated Dress £59.99

I just adore dresses so much as you don't really have to think about anything! You can just
pop it on and you are good to go!

Thanks for reading x

Enjoy the extra special weekend!

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Michelle said...

ooh love the wee Swan dress!! I wonder whether Topshop here has it! Enjoy your weekend Jools, I'm looking forward to the Jubilee celebrations too

Urban Butterfly said...

Wow you got some crackers there lady! Love them both on you! The high street is bursting with super cute dresses at the moment. My wantsie list is about to combust!

Looking Fab in your forties said...

I love dresses for the same reason! The swan one is beyond cute and I love the Oasis one but how bloody short is it? So annoying, they should make them in lengths!

Jools said...

and its even worse when you have been away for a couple of weeks honey, as you have even more to look at!!!!!!

Jools said...

I know, would like to see it in real life to see how short it really is, as am sure that model is super tall! It does look lovely tho :)