Sunday, 5 August 2012

Gold Medals, wish-list items & some YSL and Hermes

Hi Lovelies,

Another fabulous day of sport meant that a lot of time has been spent in front of the TV today. Even when we did have to go out (for supplies and Starbucks) I kept checking to see how we were doing.

Show Jumping and Tennis were my crack today with lots of flicking over to watch the male gymnasts on the Pommel Horse - and tonight it is Athletics - how are we going to cope when it is all over!!!

I cannot wait for Usain Bolt to run - can he do sub 10 seconds!

On the fashion front, I have a few items on my wish list. So I wanted to share them with you

This is the item I think about ALL of the time just now. It is just deciding what colour to get! I have narrowed it down to three (maybe!), so all of your help would be appreciated!!!

Hermes Clic Bangle


Powder/Blush Colour (still in the narrow bangle style though)

or perhaps black?

Let me know which one is your favourite :)

Asos have come up trumps again today. Another beautiful (ahem) Burberry inspired belt has come into stock
How cute is this!

Asos Fox Head Skinny Belt £10.00


 Burberry Ruched Fox Belt £495

I am also in love with these little tops

 Vintage Lace Blouse - Topshop £28.00

Sleeveless Crochet Collar Top - also Topshop £32

worn with these

Jeans with Animal Print - Zara £39.99

or these

Jeggins with panelled detailing - Zara £39.99

I love the look of these as they are so skinny & stretchy that I think they would work with
my YSL boots as they would be tight enough to tuck inside.
Can you tell that I am so over summer clothes!

With my new Burberry Coat 

YSL Easy Boots x

Thanks so much for reading and don't forget to let me know about your bangle choice x


Anonymous said...

Ooo I have the orange clic Hermes. Wear it with my Hermes twilly z

Jools said...

ooh you are coming up as Anonymous, I need to know who you are lol!!! Orange is my favourite x would love to know your thoughts x

ASH said...

I love the orange - such a classic Hermes colour!

Urban Butterfly said...

I liKe the orange best too. Wow those are some seriously sexy boots missy!

Anonymous said...

Black a total classis I want the black x Nicole

Michelle said...

Definitely he orange Hermes clic bangle. Have you tried it with the gold hardware? Love all the clothes on display today, in particular the belt and Topshop lace top!

Jools said...

Thanks M, I am thinking about gold because my Love Bangle is gold and I think I might wear it on the same arm - its just silver looks so clean and modern - hmmmm maybe one of each ;)

Jools said...

I know, its gorgeous, but is it winter only do you think? A lovely friend said her mum has it and she finds it abit too strong a colour all year round? Maybe I could put black on the Christmas list ;)

Jools said...

Me too Ash, thanks so much for replying :)

Jools said...

Lol, do you love them !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Orange with palladium! I'm not sure if you've heard but the enamel can chip on these which really surprised me being Hermes and all.

Alli said...

I love the Hermes clic bracelets. I have the nude one with silver hardware on my wish list!

Jools said...

I have heard this honey. Will be extra careful with it. For the orange, I was thinking gold hardware as its warmer - and also I would wear it with my cartier love bangle which is gold, oh and also I have a vintage orange Chanel and that has gold hardware.

Still really wanting the white or black with silver hardware too tho ofcourse !!!!!