Friday, 8 June 2012

Good Things come to those who wait!!!!!

Hello Lovelies,

I had such a nice day with my friend Clairey today. We shopped until our feet hurt (we made time for coffee though!) and then had lunch, and we tried on some cute pieces. I am very happy to report that the Kelly Brook pieces for New Look are even cuter in real life.

I then met up with PC and the girls and we had cocktails on the way home so it has been a really cool day.

Made even better by a delivery when I got home!!

I need to set the scene for you. You know when you sometimes miss out on something and you never quite forget it? Even though lots of homages come out in the following months, you want the original that captured your heart - right!

Well this is how it came to take 2 YEARS for me to track down a pair of these shoes in Jools size!

I managed to snag a pair of the Miu Miu Cat Clogs when they were released, after it became clear that the Mary Jane's I REALLY wanted were never going to be mine. But the clogs turned out to be far too high and kept slipping off, so they didn't stop the Itch!

So I am always half heartedly on the lookout for the shoes that I missed out on - but when they do come up (and it is a rarity), they are not in my size, or worse, totally worn in (I have a shoe phobia about putting my feet where other peoples feet have already been lol!)

The longer time goes on, the more you despair that you will now ever find a pair that you could love - as surely they would have all been super worn out by now!

So when I saw some that were near enough to my size (hey I have heel grips!) AND in a great condition I stalked them for the entire 10 days of the auction listing just waiting to pounce, but on the evening they were finishing I was out for my Sisters Dinner, so my Ebay Angel Vic put in my best offer price and they became mine!

Ta Da!!!

Miu Miu Swallow Print Silk Mary Janes

I gave them a little hug to tell them how happy I am that they are finally mine!!!

I literally cannot wait to wear them, after all its been long enough!! I thought they would look fab with the blue Cos dress too. I am definitely going to make up for lost time with these shoes.

I saw this cute little dress in store today. Drop Waists are going to stay huge for A/W and I kind of thought that this one looked familiar - Was it De Ja Vu!!

Drop Waist Dress - £60 Warehouse

Hmmm it came to me why it looked familiar! Victoria Beckham A/W 2012!!! 

The Warehouse one is really nice alternative, as you could wear a shirt or a long sleeve tee beneath it too for Autumn

I picked up the little shirt that goes with the Capri Pants today from the New Look range. It has the spotted Polka Dots on the inside of the collar - very cute!

Enjoy your weekend everybody!

Thanks for reading x

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Kate Pink Smith said...

Those shoes are mental!!! Xxx

Looking Fab in your forties said...

I want to eat those shoes, so delicious!

Anonymous said...

So glad you got your shoes at last! I remember the clogs.... Patience is, after all, a rewarded virtue! PBx