Sunday, 3 June 2012

Sunday - Pretty awful weather for a river pageant!

Hi Lovelies,

Well I had a Nana Nap this afternoon, and feel human again now!

I watched the flotilla of boats on the Thames from the comfort of home. It was a little sad to see such poor weather with so much heavy rain as it really put a dampener on what should have been a beautiful day. Katherine brightened it up though in Alexander McQueen! and the weather did not stop thousands of people from turning up and seeing a very special sight.

The queen looked glorious too

She did not sit down once for the entire time, and watched over 1000 boats pass her by. I wanted to give her a cup of tea!!!

Seeing the Queen wearing white reminded me of my very favourite picture of her. It is sometimes hard to remember what an amazing looking young woman she was.

I adore this picture as the outfit is very fitted for the Queen, but with a figure like that, why wouldn't you flaunt it. I cannot help thinking how beautiful Katherine would look in this exact outfit too! A definite Grace Kelly look.

It was taken in 1953 on a tour of Australia and it was designed by Hardie Amies (the Queens Dressmaker). She looked absolutely incredible and just look at her tiny waist.

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Urban Butterfly said...

Kate wears colour so well and as for the queen well i have never seen her smile so much as the past few days, not just polite smiles but real happy natual grins :) Love it!

Michelle said...

Thats a stunning pic of the Queen. And yes i agree Kate would look fab in that white dress.

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Kate looks painfully thin and I think it is ruining her look to be honest, just a couple of pounds would be more healthy looking. As for Queenie, just goes to show how weight piles on with old age - kill me now!

Jools said...

lol, She was a real babe wasn't she. I too hope that once Kate feels more comfortable in her frankly huge roll, that she gains just a few pounds.