Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A Cute Ascot Fashion Outfit!

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How has your day been?!

I had lunch with my Mum today and we had a little mooch around Zara. The printed playsuit that I blogged about last week is so lovely and an absolute bargain at £29.99, as was the black lace skirt. I wasn't in the mood to try things on today as the weather outside was so lovely and I know the rest of the week isn't forecast to be quite so good - so I may well go back for a mass trying on session!

They did have an incredibly detailed dress in Zara that would be absolutely perfect for Ascot.
The fabric was beautiful and the detailing made it look so much more expensive. It would also be gorgeous for a Summer Wedding.

 Appliques Dress - £79.99 Zara

 Today was Day 2 of Royal Ascot

Frank Lampard and Christine Bleakley looked pretty glamourous

Tomorrow is Ladies Day so I am very much looking forward to seeing the best dresses of the week, even though the weather may not play fair.

Today, Jools Wore shorts by Acne, Shoes by New Look, Top by Topshop :)

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Anonymous said...

You look fab in those shorts Jools - been wondering if I can do them at 44? So many things are second time around now - shorts, bomber jackets, teal, paste diamonds... I keep having flashbacks to my teens! You wear everything so well! Its inspiring. PBx

Daniella Beauty Junkie said...

You're so lucky to have good weather, it's been raining non stop here in Cornwall :( love those New Look wedges by the way xx

Jools said...

Aww thanks PB, OFCOURSE you can still wear shorts. My one tip is to not make them tight! (mine are a tiny bit toooo baggy for my liking) but I think if you just keep them slightly tailored you can def wear them. I love them with a blazer too for a slightly smarter look :) x

Aww the bomber jacket - I had one that was highly flammable ;)!!!

Jools said...

Aww normal weather service is resumed here too today Daniella, it is raining!!!!

The wedges are really comfortable and in the shops they are 25 percent off in the summer promotion so they work out at about 18 pounds !!