Saturday, 28 July 2012

Big Reveal - I'm Only Happy When It Rains ...................... !

Hi Lovelies

When I was in London picking up my studded gloves last week, it was the first time that I truly appreciated the cut of Burberry clothes, I just was not that fussed about them before. Yes, I love the Britishness of them, but Burberry for me for a long time was ruined by the over the top Nova Check, and everything it represented.

But Christopher Bailey has helped make Burberry cool again. Emma Watson always looks beautiful, Kate Bosworth rocks it, and Rosie Huntingdon Whiteley 'almost' stays in her coat in the most recent campaigns. The amazing service that I received also helped too.

So, it got me thinking about a trench coat. And you 'know' what I get like when I start to thinking about something - it kind of becomes all consuming!

Now, I think of a trench coat as a grown up piece. Certainly, you are only ever going to own one as they are an investment. So it needs to be right ! I knew I did not want it too short even though they are popular right now - I want to be able to wear it with dresses, skirts and jeans. But I am only little, so a full length one would swamp me. Hmm lots of choices! 

Then it is the decision of which Burberry brand to choose (it sure isn't easy you know!) Burberry Prorsum - certainly directional, but very very expensive. Burberry Brit - cheaper, but maybe more for teens or somebody dipping into Burberry. Or mainline Burberry - surely a classic that won't date.

I did what I always do in situations like this - I had a chat with Google!

2012 Burberry Ad Campaign

Candy Colours - divine, but perhaps not the most practical

Incredible Stud detailing on the arms - but my gloves are probably enough - 
and this style would date ........

Too Short ......

This is the classic colour - but I am too clumsy for this (plus I have a Pug!)

Claire Danes for me - looks perfection

Beautiful detailing

 How could anybody wear it better than Miss Piggy I ponder ..........

It helped to discount a lot of styles for me. Colour had to be darker, length had to be not full length and I personally did not want any Burberry check on it at all. I  I found this one .......


I hope you liked my reveal xxx

I am so happy with everything about this coat. It is just right for me. Not too long, fitted AND it has cool silver detailed buttons and is the right weight. My own particular perfect trench.

Now which one would you go for!

Thanks for reading


Anonymous said...

Love, love, love it! I'm a huge fan of all the long established British labels. I chose the one that's 'too short' with pale buttons (an older version called the Harbourne I think) and on me it's knee length which is where I wanted it to be. I was looking for a fitted light coloured one for Spring and it's all of that. I have another Burberry trench in black with a detachable hood that's more of a coat because of the material but it's a looser fit so I might look for a fitted version instead of a black coat that's currently on my shopping list - thank you for the inspiration!

Michelle said...

Such a gorg coat and a real investment piece. When I did my trip in 2010, one of the pieces on my list was a burberry trench from Burberry store in London. I have never regretted buying it and love wearing it. It just makes you feel 'o' so special. Great buying Jools

Jools said...

Thanks Coco :) I think the short version is great if you already have a long one ;) !!!

Jools said...

Thanks M, so glad to hear you still love yours :) x

Alli said...

I love it! You made a great choice - will last you forever! I have one very similar purchased from net a porter last year. The fit is amazing on them and so true to size.
The only thing now is I would love one in classic beige as well!

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Love it! I have the same problem being 5ft 2!!!! oh and a half!

Jools said...

We are the exact same height honey :) something else in common !!!!! x

Jools said...

Thanks so much Alli. A classic beige is perfect if you already have a darker one too !! ;) x