Saturday, 4 August 2012

Birthday Cupcakes, Cocktails and a new dress .....

Hello Lovelies,

Yesterday was such a lovely day. It was PC's Birthday. It is safe to say that a lot of cake was involved!

We went out for brunch, and afterwards I had time to check out Zara (as the new drop of clothes are in - oh my goodness they are all gorgeous!)

and then we were going out for dinner here last night.

More of our night out later! Back to that drop at Zara lol. The coat with the studded arms that I blogged about recently is absolutely gorgeous. A must have if you need a new coat (and it will sell out before Autumn) and a really great price at £129. And I found two dresses

Waist detail Dress (the fabric is thick & stretchy - very lovely and very Roland Mouret!) £39.99

Dress with flounce skirt - £49.99

So that solved the problem of what to wear out last night, I went with the new one!

Jools Wore

Zara Dress

Chanel Mini Handbag

and my hair was braided just at the fringe

and Electric Blue Louboutin's

My Birthday Boy!!!

and at dinner we had Apple Martini's, Forest Breezes &
Raspberry Flirtini's so it is very safe to say I had my 5 a day!!

Dinner with Friends x

I feel much better today than I expected (or deserved) but you would not have wanted me to blog last night!

Anybody have any fun weekend plans? Let me know

Thanks for reading x


ASH said...

Wow - I love both of those dresses - must get down to Zara and investigate. Can't believe the price of the Roland Mouret-a-like dress - a great buy. You look fabulous! Ax

Jools said...

Thanks so much Ash - yes get down to Zara and check out the new pieces!!!! :) x

Michelle said...

love the peplum detailing on the first dress! Wish we had Zara in NZ! Morning jools, looks like a great night out. Glad to hear head is not too sore.