Sunday, 23 September 2012

Some lovely High Street pieces on my wish list - and it is the Emmys later!

Hi Lovelies,

What a wet, grey day - the absolutely perfect excuse for sleeping in and snuggling right? 

Pah! The husband had other ideas and made me accompany him to the Gym - OK - with you, I can be completely honest - I am hating it............
I am enjoying the Pilates classes but I just do not think the gym is for me! I am going to keep it up for a while, but it certainly is not a love thing and I just cannot see how it will become so. (Please tell me it gets better - you can lie if you have to!)

It is the Emmy Awards tonight, so I will post lots of lovely Red Carpet looks later, but I wanted to keep it real today with some very cute items from the High Street

I must confess that I have not bought a bag from the High Street in a long time (well, apart from the occasional evening clutch), but that is all about to change with this gorgeous satchel!

70's Style Leather Satchel in Tan - £65 Topshop

Those with great memories might remember that last year I bought the Acne Spin Brogues.
Well how perfect would these be together?!

I sought them out today to bring to the front of the closet!

This bag and boots were made to be together, surely - and the satchel would
be great on a rainy day as you wouldn't have to be precious with it.

I also promised a couple more reveals (so I hope you are reading Gem!) 

First up are these perfect fit jeans from Zara
They have a gold chain piping detail down the side - very military!

and you may have worked out by now that I am a sucker for any leather detailing!


Gold Side Trim Jeans - £39.99 Zara

and I adore the faux leather embroidered top they are modelled with - it is firmly
on the wish list!

I really hope to find this one in store - £39.99 Zara

I found a couple of goodies in Topshop that made it home with me too

Angora Thin to Thick Knit Sweater - £40 Topshop

and this cute little cropped Floral T Shirt - such a great buy and I plan to pair it
with some high waisted jeans or trousers


Floral Frill Bottomed T Shirt - £12 Topshop

and while we are on the subject of leather accents - I love these too!
All new in this week at Zara

Fantasy Blaser with Combined leather sleeves - £89.99 Zara


Leather Panelled Fitted Pencil Dress - £39.99 Zara

and this is so pretty - now we just need an occasion to wear it!

Combined Lace and Leather Dress - £99.99 Zara

and lastly, how cute are these? - I love the colour (BUT do not let me buy them)
 - I hereby state I cannot physically fit any more jeans on my trouser rails ......

Polka Dot Flock Trousers - £39.99 Zara

Thanks so much for reading

I would, as ever love to hear your comments - and is anybody else going to watch all the lovely gowns later?


Daniella Beauty Junkie said...

That last Zara dress is gorgeous! Can see that paired with a bright red lip :) x

Anonymous said...

The Gym will get much better, do what you find fun and helpful, don't do something just because a so called expert suggested it....

Jools said...

you read my mind ;)

Anonymous said...

Fabulous post Jools. I too am loving Zara atm, and we have similar taste in their things. Loving the blue dot trousers and will have to check out the leather topped dress. DD wanted to visit an outlet village this w/e so I am having Zara withdrawal symptoms. PBx

Looking Fab in your forties said...

I also love leather accents or pleather in my case lol!

Jools said...

Pleather is perfect honey, as we can wash it at home without it being dry cleaned every time :D !!!