Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Some cute new items hit the stores, and an old favourite comes out to play

Hi Lovelies,

Many thanks for the lovely messages about yesterday's blog. Sometimes a company behaves so badly that you have to just shout about it - and the joy of one having a blog is that you can do exactly that. I am over it now, so the blog post achieved its purpose for me. I will probably never really find out if she was OK, but it just goes to show that there are some spectacularly rude people out there, even when you have gone out of your way to do the decent thing. Anyway .............. there are also some gorgeous people around, and I am lucky that I know a lot more lovely people than I do horrid ones.

Today was lovely. PC was around so we went for Cappuccino's this morning and then I dropped my bridesmaids dress in to be altered. (a downside of being a little-un - even though I am wearing super high heels!) so I will worry until it comes back that I have given them the wrong instructions and it is returned to me knee length by mistake!

and ............ I have some reveals for you!

I had been really looking forward to hitting Zara as they have had a fabulous new drop

This one came home with Jools! 

Special Romantic Top - Zara £29.99

  and I got a jacket I have had my eye on for a while ......

Quilted leather sleeve Coat - Zara £139

I love it, and I am going to wear it immediately.
I got my Balenciaga City out of its sleepy state so that I can
wear them together

Hello Lover - I have missed you!!!

Today, Jools Wore the new Eyelash Lace Top from Toppers

I saw the bodycon Mango dress that Kate Moss wore in store today.
It is such a great price that it keeps selling out - ASOS also have all just
restocked all sizes so if anybody is on the lookout for a great price
flattering dress - give it a go :)


Mango Kate Military Body Con Dress £22.99

and this one is lush too (who doesn't love a flattering Panelling effect!)

Mango Panelled Body Con Dress - Mango at ASOS £39.99

Thanks for reading x

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