Sunday, 25 November 2012

A cheeky night out .........

Hi Lovelies,

Well, it is safe to say I have had a very random weekend!!!

My gorgeous friend Vic came to stay which I always love. We just laugh the whole time, and we always wish we lived closer (even if our liver's are glad that we don't ..... )

And last night was the Hen Night!!

Well, it was one of those worry free nights where it really did not matter what  you wear as
nobody would even notice - not with the entertainment we had coming!
Jools Wore

Sparkly Miu Miu Shoes

with a simple black dress from Topshop

and my favourite Lulu Guinness Clutch

For the Hen Night we had booked Butlers in the Buff. Basically hot young men come to your event and will do anything you like for a few hours (innocent stuff obviously!!!)

We didn't really know where to look when they first arrived - anywhere but down basically heheheee

Vic (and Muffin the dog!)

Jools and the Bride to Be :)

After a few Champagnes it was amazing how completely normal it seemed to have naked
bottoms on show - I think all men should dress this way !

Well, we couldn't just have them serving nibbles and cocktails all night could we!
That would have been a waste

No, a nice game of twister sounded much more like it .........  

Green, Green.... He needs to get his leg over to green ......... !

Yes it is very safe to say the Bride to be visibly relaxed ...............


We had a brilliantly fun night

So today was a much needed chill day - a big breakfast, the Sunday Papers and ofcourse, had to include a Starbucks!

How was your weekend???

Thanks for reading x


ASH said...

You looked fab! Love the butlers - fab idea! :-) xx

Michelle said...

Definitely a 'cheeky' night out. Looks like you all had a fab time and the Bride to be looks like she enjoyed herself! We need the butlers here (our equivalents are topless not bottomless:)

silkpathdiary said...

Looks like so much fun! My friend got a male strippergram, only he didn't strip totally lol! You look lovely! Just the big day now?

Urban Butterfly said...

Very naughty night, looks like you all had fun :)