Monday, 26 November 2012

Daddy, I want a pony ............ well, a Falabella to be precise!

Hi Lovelies,

My bags are in need of a shake up. I have too many black ones - of course this is not my fault! What girl isn't drawn to black. They go with everything after all, and it is by far the easiest colour to maintain - we kid ourselves that if one has gold hardware and one has silver hardware that they are 'very' different to the others too........

So I have been looking for a coloured bag that was still warm enough in colour to use in winter.

I have wanted a Stella McCartney Falabella bag in my collection, well pretty much since I first saw them really, but the problem was, I was always drawn to the black with silver hardware (you see, there is no hope for me really) which doesn't really help with my non black bag search!

And so, it came to pass that a wet, cold Monday was brightened considerably by a little delivery!!

from Matches ........

When I saw this one on the website I thought - oh yes please!

I adored the plum colour

with the gold hardware

and the bright fluro pink trim

For me, I know if a bag is going to be a keeper if I want to use it immediately!
and I couldn't wait to pop all my stuff in this Falabella Bag

oh, and it matched my Vuitton Sprouse pretty perfectly!

So I took her straight out to play! (this is the colour in daylight)

first impressions? I LOVE it!

here are some celeb shots of different colours

 so, Jools is one happy bunny!

Thanks for reading x


Urban Butterfly said...

Oh you naughty little bag monkey :) very cute. I seem to be drawn to tan bags. I too bought myself a new black bag this week but a satchel and not to this caliber :( x

deborah said...

I have one in a sort of sparkly bronze with gold hardware. It's way more blinging than I normally go for, but it is really fun!

Style At Every Age said...

I adore these bags but hate the fact they aren't leather, although they would be so much more expensive if they were. Love the pink trim and the snakeprint one has my heart but saying that, can you believe I don't currently have a black bag? Not strictly true, I have a Reiss one but never use it, just can't carry a high street bag! xx