Thursday, 4 April 2013

A beautiful delivery from Italy makes snow in April more bearable ....

Hi Lovelies,

Yes, the snow has returned. It has got to be the coldest Easter Holidays that I can recall, and there is no sign of it getting any warmer any time soon!

Today found me waking up unable to swallow (now, stop that .... !) A yukky sore throat which I am blaming entirely on the rubbish weather.

But I had made plans to see my GF Clairey and I wasn't going to let her down........

So Starbucks beckoned and a little mooch around the shops. I also solved the dilemma of Starbucks forever getting my name wrong by telling them my name was ......... drumroll

Yep, Edna!!!
 It was the most old fashioned, awful name I could come up with off the top of my head and
our chuckling as we waited for Latte's for Edna was worth the price of the coffee alone.
Clairey is under strict instructions to tell them her name is Hilda next time .........

Karen Millen mid season sale has started - surely more stores will follow suit soon - there are so many Summer clothes that people are just walking straight past ...........!

I picked up a top that I had wanted at full price.

Cotton Collar Knit (it's a silk blend, v soft and stretchy) was £95 now £65

When I returned home there was a delivery from UPS.
I knew I had to own this the moment I saw it - this colour wasn't available in the UK
so I ordered it from Italy as I thought the colourway was perfect for bags that I have already

This was my first order from L'Inde le Palais

Givenchy Antigona Compact Wallet in black and red

I couldn't have wished for a better match for my Hermes Kelly -
It is identical!

It is the absolute perfect size for me - as I do not get on with long wallets -
I like them to fit in the hand

and it is a perfect size for a Chanel 2.55 too :)

It is even lovelier than I had dreamed it would be

Thanks for reading x

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