Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The fresh Prints and Bel Air ......... !!!

Hi Lovelies,

Today was just a splendid day. I love it when nice surprises happen!!

Firstly, the Topshop Dress arrived and it is just a perfect day dress so I kept it on and wore it straight away.

And some new sunglasses got an outing as the sun was shining brightly.

And best of all my lovely friend Maria was working just around the corner from where I was at lunchtime so we got to spend some time together, which was even better than a new dress!!!

Wildfox Bel Air Sunglasses

I adore bonkers sunglasses - the bigger and madder the better - so these are a fabulous addition
to my slightly crazy collection.

Jools Wore - new Topshop Tea Dress :)

It was complete serendipity - I was waiting to have a manicure and browsing Facebook and found out M was working around the corner! She had tried to call me and I hadn't seen it - so I am so glad I logged on as it worked out just perfectly as we met for lunch.
I love it when a plan comes together.

I went for a clear french manicure today as I was a good girl and hadn't nibbled my thumb nails!

Maria had her new sunnies on too 

and it was roof down on Mouse too (you can just see my Gucci Seatbelt lol!!)

and then I had Coffee with PC later before the girls got home
and the dogs have been out for a walk
so there is NOTHING to not like about my Wednesday.

Some more Wildfox piccies here

How was your day??

Thanks as always, for reading xx


Daisy Chain said...

wow! those sunnies look amazing on you - very willy wonka meets chanel in the best possible way.

I love reading about your purchases and all your tips about what's hot in stores it'd be amazing to read about a whole day in the life of jules - typical morning, how you research new stock and trends, your online styling... I only found your site the other week but i'm hooked!

thank you!

x Lily

Jools Cockayne said...

aww Lily you are so lovely. Thankyou!
Thats exactly what I thought, Willy Wonker on Acid lol!!

I never really have a typical day though heheeeee - every day is certainly different :)

I love that you are enjoying reading - thanks so much :) xx

Urban Butterfly said...

You looked as beautiful as ever x

Jools Cockayne said...

As did you missy. Even if I didn't get to see your steel toe cap cats ;) !!!