Thursday, 11 September 2014

Cartier Juste un Clue - Just for you !!!!!

Hi Lovelies,

I love the name of the cartier Juste un Clue - it literally means - Just a Nail. 
And it is THE most beautiful piece of jewellery - as plain and simple as can be. I have had a picture of one as a screen save for ages, and I know it would look beautiful with my Love Bracelet - BUT - it is crazily expensive - with prices starting at £5100 for a basic one, so realistically it is not going to happen anytime soon (and I am not convinced I wouldn't like a second Love bracelet more!)

So when I saw this little alternative I was all kinds of excited!

Cartier Juste un Clou - Prices from £5100

you might find these prices a little more palatable ……….

Twisted Nail Bangle in Rose Gold $34 AUD

Twisted Nail Bangle - Silver $34AUD

They are available from a company called The Peachbox - and they have been a pleasure to purchase from. 
With delivery from Australia taking under 1 week -
no customs, 10% off your first order and a flat rate of $15AUD.
 The whole order when converted was under £40.

You can check The Peachbox out HERE
obviously these items are really popular just now so you may have to wait list & they will
email you when they are back in stock - I am seriously impressed.

and something very odd happened …...

Now, I am always down on Marks & Spencer - I just do not understand them as a company or who they are really trying to attract so I never normally go instore apart from to food shop.
But Elli has an obsession with their Rosie Huntingdon Whiteley underwear so we went in today and I was very pleasantly surprised with their Limited Edition range of shoes, boots & accessories.

Lace-up Town Shoes - M&S Limited Edition Range £39.50

They remind me so much of the Chloe Lace-up Pumps

Footwear20 will get you 20% off online right now too - so check out the Limited Edition range - there are some really nice pieces at really great prices - and you know how I like to enable you ……..

Thanks for reading xx

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Style At Every Age said...

What a fab bangle, I'm seriously tempted! I love M&S, am wearing a pair of their shoes on the blog today and got the spotty dress in the sale all the bloggers were going crazy for, they really do have the odd thing everyone wants and is a sell out, it's the stock levels that annoy me. My girls are also obsessed with the Rosie undies x