Sunday, 21 September 2014

Iphone Lusting & Biker Jackets

Hi Lovelies,

I have been catching up today on some of the fashion week shows that I have missed. I watched some pretty impressive shows - Should we give winter a miss this year and just move straight onto S/S 2015 now?

Although if we did that, I couldn't wear my new leather jacket, and it took me ages to choose the right one…...

It's important stuff after all! It has to be super soft, not too thick but not too thin, with pockets, but not bulky - not too long, but not cropped, and it has to look already worn in (you see, like Liam Neeson I have a very specific set of requirements!)

Yes, ok, I may have a couple already, but they don't feel "perfect" - one feels too rough (a definite pet hate) and is too big (and stiff) on the shoulders, and the other is not right either, so finding a new one was going to be fun. 
Now a leather jacket is one of the few pieces I would recommend that you should never order online.
You have to feel it, try it (2 jackets in the same size from the same designer can feel completely different!) and so this time even once I found the one I thought I wanted, I went back on 3 different occasions wearing different clothes to make sure it was still right. So, you see, I can be patient sometimes (well, it probably had more to do with the fact it has been to warm to wear a jacket if I am completely honest)

So I chose an All Saints one …..

All Saints Cargo Jacket £298

So it ticked all the boxes and I am now totes ready for autumn, I will wear it with dresses for the next couple of weeks too hopefully

The zipped Topshop jeans that I blogged about recently are super soft, and are actually better than the Paige Edgemont ones, so I definitely recommend them.

worn with Lace Sleeve Top from Zara

Moto Zip Biker Jeans - Topshop £40

and my iPhone 6 is here and its all kinds of awesome!
I know you are probably bored of everybody raving about them - but I am loving it -
although not enough to be queuing like these crazy loonies!
(I had mine delivered I promise!)

This was Covent Garden on Friday morning, and it went right around the building!

I am more than a little in love with it!

You can see it's a fair bit bigger than the iPhone 5!
(I am glad I didn't waitlist for the Plus - I think it would be far too big for me)

How jealous are you PC ………….. !

Thanks for reading xx

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Style At Every Age said...

I was going to go for the big one, but perhaps not. I will look in the shops before I upgrade, I fancied a big one! x